Asaad – Venting

I woke up this morning to find this in my inbox. I will now share it with you my friends. Its a new track from Asaad entitled “Venting.”

i really dunno how to express how fuckin ill this rap is…. thnks for everything you guys. lets make the world a doper place. song by song. classic by classic.
“her b-j-o-b’s got a nigga feelin BOSS”

[wpaudio url=”″ dl=”″ text=”Asaad – Venting”]

Thanks to AnmlHse for the photos and the great show on Saturday.

And since everyone is venting, can I vent as well? I’ll start out with Public security enforcement officers aka Rent A Cops and bouncers. The guy above in the photo. No bueno. He’s on the not invited list for my next event. The bouncer at the Walnut Room last night who wouldnt let me and Alhaji in? He’s on the not invited list as well. The bouncers are Cheerleaders? They have VIP Status.

Thats all.

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This Weeks Power Rankings: January 18th Edition, Haiti, Pants on the Ground, AnmlHse and More

1. Haiti The devastation in Haiti is obviously the top story this week. For the past few days we’ve all seen the horrific footage coming out of this shell shocked, impoverished nation. It has been encouraging to see the amount of support that has been pouring out so far. If you are able to assist, please do so as literally hundreds of thousands of lives depend on our support.

2. Pants on the Ground – The second biggest story this week has to go to my man ‘General’ Larry Platt. The General’s “Pants on the Ground” has become an Internet sensation with several remixes hitting the Web within hours. It turns out Platt isn’t just some random senile man; he’s actually a legendary Civil Rights activist in Atlanta and was even honored by the city with his own day. Now (perhaps unfortunately) he’ll always be known as the “Pants on the Ground” guy. Fortunately for us at Uristocrat, we’ve pulled up our pants a long time ago.

3. The J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! – So the Colts, Vikings and Saints advanced in the playoffs, blah blah blah. The biggest story coming out of the playoffs are the Jets. The Colts and Bengals could’ve put this team out of their misery in Week 16 and 17. Instead, both teams rolled over and let the Jets in. Now the Jets seem poised to knock the Colts off and advance to the Super Bowl. Riding the backs of Mark Sanchez and Thomas Jones Darrelle Revis and Shonn Greene, there’s not a team left that wants to see these guys.

Asaad peformed at the AnmlHse 2 year anniversary party

4. AnmlHse – AnmlHse celebrated their 2nd anniversary with one of the biggest parties Philly has ever seen. It featured the likes of Asaad, Shinobi Ninja, Ninjasonik, Wordspit, The Paxtons, Lyriciss, 215Mag, Uristocrat, Babylon Cartel, Orange Line Philly, Golden Boyz, DJ Phsh as well as countless AnmlHse fans.

5. Marvin Harrison This time last week, Marv wasn’t on anybody’s radar. Not the NFL’s, not the Philadelphia Police Department, nobody. After GQ blew up his spot, everybody from ESPN to the FBI wants a part of him. In relation to this situation, Hov said it best “It was all good just a week ago.”

6. Kevin Durant He plays in Oklahoma City, so nobody really cares, but Kevin Durant is on an epic tear right now. Barely 21, dude has a legit chance to take home the scoring title this year. Averaging 29 points and 7 boards a game, this rising star has his Thunder making a run to the playoffs. It sucks that he plays in Oklahoma, because they never come on TV, but when they do make the docket its must-see TV.

Kevin Durant for MVP?

7. Lane Kiffin/USC – Last week we were talking about Pete Carroll ducking charges and being a scumbag. Enter Lane Kiffin. Nowhere near 40, this is already dude’s third head coaching gig. After only one year at Tennessee (where he did more with his mouth than on the field), he bolts for USC. On one hand, it’s hard to knock him for leaving Knoxville for his dream job in LA. On the other hand, you have to feel for the kids at Tennessee because of the Duck Tales he told. Between all the minor recruiting violations he racked up at UT and his lack of on the field results, this might come back to haunt USC.

8. Mark McGwire – McGwire finally came clean about his steroid use, about five years too late, if not more. Here’ s a guy who ducked the heat on Congress and basically went into hiding after retiring right around the time the rage against roids in baseball was heating up. Now, with his Hall of Fame candidacy struggling, he wants to come back into the spotlight and endear himself to the fans and media. What a stand up guy.

Got Juice?

9. Cam’Ron – Not much to say about him, but check out that “Boss of All Bosses” mixtape. After a few duds it sounds like the Diplomatic Immunity era Cam is back.

10. Cheerleader Tryouts – We joined 215mag in judging the Cheerleaders Varsity tryouts and I just have to say wow. Shout out to “EV” for winning but I’m still trying to figure how “Isis” didn’t place or show.

Check out Past Power Rankings

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Todays New Music: Drake x Cassie x Nicki Minaj x T.I. x Big Boi x Ludacris x Joe Budden x Gucci Mane

We have a plethora of new songs for you today. Take a Listen, Leave a Comment of what you think.


Drake – Love & Gunz (prod. Tha Bizness) | Mediafire
Drake feat. Von Pea of Tanya Morgan & Phonte of Little Brother – My New (prod. Nottz) | Mediafire

Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris – Baby | Mediafire

Joe Budden – Hate Me | Mediafire

Cassie x Nicki Minaj – F*ck U Silly [Tags] | Mediafire

Gucci Mane x Pharrell – Soldier | Mediafire

Big Boi feat. T.I. – Tangerine (Snippet)

Drake feat. Colin Munroe – Where Were You | Mediafire
Drake – My New Sh*t (prod. Nottz) | Mediafire

Source: YouheardthatNew & DJ Steph Floss Present “He’s The Blogger, I’m The DJ” Vol. 3 featuring Dom Kennedy, Phil Ade etc

Good afternoon, today Jameel of and DJ Steph Floss (Official DJ of The Cleveland Cavaliers) bring you the 3rd volume of “He’s The Blogger, I’m The DJ” powered by and Beats by Dre. Keeping up with the theme of getting a unheard track and a track of the artist choice we present to you Dom Kennedy from Leimert Park, CA, Phil Ade out of DC, L.e for The Uncool repping Columbus, OH and Dee Goodz doing it for Bama and DC. Production from Chuck Inglish, Dope Sunny, Rashad, LAUSD and E.P. to name a few. All four artist did their things. Enjoy!!

Download: & DJ Steph Floss Present He’s The Blogger, I’m The DJ Vol .3

Source: YouHeardThatNew

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