Nike Brings Back the Air Max 120 Retro

Nike could not have chosen a better time to bring back the Nike Air Max 120. Originally released in 1998, the sneaker blurred the lines between a running shoe and a cross-trainer and has since build up a cult-like following over the years. The very unique, almost weird, and bold sneaker perfectly fits into the […]

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Vince Staples Speaks out on Drugs

The Long Beach rapper has long stood against drug use — juxtaposing him from the usual associations with his chosen genre of music. Now, Vince Staples speaks to CNN about the topic and how "drugs have always been a part of music." The erudite artist talks about the influence its had on friends and family and why he’s speaking out. Check out the video above and hopefully Vince Staples will be a positive influence to those looking up to him.
And in case you missed it, check out our day with Vince Staples at Disneyland.


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KITH’S Ronnie Fieg Talks About Move Into Womenswear

Hot off debuting a new womenswear line, KITH founder Ronnie Fieg talks to Racked about his intentions and ambitions — and why he got into womenswear in the first place. While his name is often associated with streetwear and sneaker culture, don’t expect Fieg to call any of his designs streetwear. According to the man behind KITH, the new womenswear line is filling a void that’s left between athleisure and higher end clothing. With an entirely new store and great ambitions, head over to Racked to see what Fieg had to say.
Why now for womenswear, for Kith as a business?
I was seeing smaller sizes of [Kith’s] men’s apparel selling out very quickly. A lot of women started posting themselves wearing the mens stuff on Instagram; I saw that and thought it was time to dedicate a line to women.
It took a while for me to grow in terms of personnel. The only times I make big, strategic moves is when I have the right people in place to get it done. I’ve been working on this for a year.
So you’ve noticed an appetite from women for streetwear?
To be honest, when you look at the apparel, I don’t really consider it streetwear.
What do you consider it?
Well, there’s the title of "athleisure," but the problem with athleisure is that it’s marked with big logos. [Our collection] is stuff that can be worn during the day that you can also be worn at night. It’s like dressed-up athleisure, which I don’t think really has a category right now. I think we’re filling a void that doesn’t really exist at the moment. Quality of the fabrics is important to me. You touch this and you feel that it’s better than any athleisure brand on the market now. And I mean any athleisure brand.
Who else in the athleisure space for women do you have respect for?
I love what [Alexander] Wang does. Wang is super inspirational to me. And I love what Sacai does.
What was it like designing women’s clothes compared to men’s?
It was very different. Women need softer fabrics, women have different fit needs. Fitting this collection was difficult; it took four rounds of fit tests.
I have a separate women’s team. I set the mood [for the collection], but my women’s team put this together.
What kind of background or qualifications were you looking for when hiring women’s designers?
I was looking for experience in high fashion design. I wanted to elevate what I do for men further for women. The look and the aesthetics are one thing, but to get the fit right, that’s a different challenge. And the fabrics — these are Italian and Japanese fabrics. The construction is super tight. If you flip the garment inside out you’ll see they’re sewn to 100% spec, which is great.
Why did women’s need its own store?
Intimacy. It gives the opportunity for [shoppers] to be very personable with my staff and have my staff really understand their body, and spend time on fit. When people are trying things on, they’ll get more attention [here] — not the craze that’s in my store across the street. The traffic in [that] store has become crazy. Although my team does a great job, I didn’t want to throw another category on to their existing job description.

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Nike Air Presto Returns In Triple-Black

The Nike Air Presto, much like the Sock Dart, has had a strong come-back this year. Even though around for many years already, it almost feels like people really needed time to get around to these sock construction slip-on silhouettes. Having been a favorite of ours for many years already, we were glad to see […]

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2017 Acura NSX Will Cost $156,000 USD

In February 2016, interested buyers will be able to purchase the 2017 Acura NSX. While the sports car was unveiled almost a year ago, we now know the highly anticipated automobile will fetch a hefty price tag. The new ride from Acura begins at $156,000 USD, and that is of course the base price. With orders beginning […]

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Ronnie Fieg Reveals Public School x Air Jordan 12 “Friends and Family”

Public School x Air Jordan 12 Friends & Family

Ronnie Fieg is making sneaker headlines twice in one day. After officially unveiling his upcoming Asics Gel-Lyte III "Homage" release, the Kith shotcaller provided a first look at the very rare Public School x Air Jordan 12 "Friends & Family." In an Instagram post praising his friends and fellow New York designers Public School, Fieg unveiled the surprise follow-up colorway to last week’s Public School x Air Jordan drop.

The special Public School x Air Jordan 12 "Friends & Family" iteration sports a premium black nubuck base, with a white midsole and black leather detailing. While the all-gray Air Jordan 12 "PSNY" are without question a visually appealing pair of kicks, more than a few sneakerheads will argue that the "Friends & Family" edition would be the way to go if they had to choose.

Unfortunately, there’s little to no chance of the average sneaker enthusiast scoring a pair of the Public School x Air Jordan 12 "Friends & Family." On the bright side however, 2016 is looking up for fans of the AJ 12. Next year’s release schedule will include the return of both the Air Jordan 12 "Cherry" and "French Blue" colorways, as well as the introduction of the must cop Air Jordan 12 "The Master."

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Action Bronson Goes Truffle Tasting in NYC with Truffle Hustler Mike Rojas

New York City’s own Action Bronson is back with Munchies for FTD, better known as F**k, That’s Delicious. In this latest installment, the crafty and comical lyricist adventures through NYC’s most credible restaurants alongside high school friend and truffle hustler, Mike Rojas. Throughout their hunt for black and white truffles, the two visit locations such as Urbani Truffles in Midtown Manhattan, Babbo Ristorante near NYU and Vaucluse which is located in the Upper East Side of NYC. Additionally, each stop becomes more of a tasting experience but also a learning moment as chefs shed light on what to look for while shopping for truffles and sharing their methods of preparation. Check out the video above for Action Bronson’s latest food thrill.
For more Action Bronson goodness, check out the video game he’s featured in with Ghostface Killah.


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The Hypebeast x adidas Ultra Boost “Uncaged” Drops Today

Distancing itself from the TPU midfoot support in lieu of a freeing, less constrictive fit and feel, today marks the release of the celebratory Hypebeast x adidas Ultra Boost “Uncaged” edition. The monochromatic black and white runner offers a sophisticated sentiment with exposed Primeknit construction in honor of the digital magazine’s 10th anniversary. A full length […]

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