Nike Blazer High – Summer 2010 Collection

Nike Blazer High – Summer 2010 Collection

Here are a few colorways in the classic Nike Blazer High which are also slated to release during 2010’s Summer months. One sports a navy, red, and white design, while a second yields a white and red colorway. The third version shown here features a metallic / textile design which includes some geometric print. These should see a release during the summer of 2010.

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Air Jordan 60+ Detroit Pistons


I have whined and complained about 95% of all the Jordans released this year. However, I will have to say that these sneakers are making me drool just a little bit (gross right?).  These sneakers were made to remember that time MJ kicked ASS scoring 61 points against the Detroit Pistons on  March 4th, 1987. This Air Jordan 60+ sneaker features Detroit Pistons colors with an all black upper with blue and red on the sole and blue contrast stitching.

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Today, September 8th officially marks the beginning of letting love BE and the launch of This will be the hub of all things Afta1 related and will feature music, video, blog, social networks, photography, downloads…everything!

There is also the release of the first installment of, Light & Vibration, which is a musical piece created yesterday (9/7/09) by Imani Waddy and Afta1, that captured one moment with absolutely no interference of thought. One take, no editing, no clean up. Check it out. Its a work of art.

Check ou tthe site for the latest instrumental from the upcoming album; “First,” and for the Afta1 remix of Aaliyah’s “4 Page Letter.” Also check out his Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” & “PYT” remixes.

New TIMBERLAND “Scuff Proof” Boot is indestructible!

This is nuts! Timberland has finally hit the jackpot. Timberland has developed a material that makes their 6 in boot “scuff proof” and there is video to prove it.Last year, Timberland introduced the “scuff proof” boot with specially-treated leather, in black.You could take a nail to them and nothing would happen. For September 2009, the company is bringing out the scuff proof boot in wheat, 6 in. Many know it’s close companion that goes by the nickname of “Butters”. This scuff proof boot gives you the same style and comfort as it’s twin, but steps it up by being unscuffable. That means, just like the first edition in black, no longer will you have to worry about scratching them up on the cement or even accidentally rubbing your foot along the curb, because these boots are built for toughness.

Most folks don’t believe it’s possible. As a result, Villa, one of the east coast’s premiere urban retailers of footwear and apparel, took to the streets of Philadelphia to allow people to test out the boot. People spilled coffee on the material (declaring that Folgers would make the right stain!), beat it with wood, scraped it with a knife, tried to rip it in half – one guy compared it to Sham Wow, while another sacrificed his own pair of Timberlands to prove to other passersby that the Scuff Proof boots are the real deal. While many tools were used to stain and scuff the boots, no one was hurt – only the pride of men on the streets of Philadelphia!
The video above proves it and so do the numerous other videos on the Vimeo channel.


Jimmy Speaks: Selvedge Denim

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It only takes one visit to the Nudie Jeans Co. website to realize they are a different type of company. The “Take Care of Your Jeans” section of their website says, “A pair of jeans is like a second skin where the indigo and denim are living materials.” Nudie Jeans Co. is one of the many companies that make raw denim.

Raw denim, sometimes called raw selvedge or dry denim, refers to a pair of jeans that have not been washed. They are usually very stiff, heavy, and dark. The appeal to wearing raw denim comes from the toughness of the jeans and the custom fades that occur if the jeans are worn properly. sounds like a pornography website but it is actually a place where enthusiasts of Nudie Jeans congregate to show off pictures of their raw denim and trade tips on taking care of their jeans. Sites like have been driving the trend, as photographs of custom fades inspire more people to purchase raw selvedge.

Another site, provides information about raw denim and some of the jargon related to the subculture. They also have a gallery where visitors to the site can browse and post pictures of their own raw denim. Having pictures from nearly every popular brand, the contrast in the before and after pictures can be amazing.2009-09-08_1108

However, raw denim takes a lot of patience and money. It takes several months, if not a year, for the fades to become noticeable; some people wear their jeans yearlong to get the fade they desire. Other than Levi’s 501 denim, most of the jeans cost well over $200. For denim aficionados, the quality and look are worth the cost.

Steven Cornish, a senior at Drexel University majoring in business is a fan of raw denim because of the unique style. “Basically, it’s a clean look,” Cornish said. “It’s different from a lot of the things you find in your typical shopping mall.”

While raw denim is not available in most malls, it can be found online or in small boutiques. Deep Sleep, located on Third Street between Filbert and Arch Streets, is one of these boutiques. Small and quaint, it could be mistaken for an art gallery in Old City, as there is no signage outside of the store. Inside there is nothing for sale that can be purchased in a mall or shopping center. Deep Sleep carries the newest watches, gadgets, street wear brands like Crooks and Castles and of course raw selvedge.

Phillip Leone is the owner of Deep Sleep. Leone is a raw selvedge enthusiast, although he was wearing a pair of distressed, or pre-washed denim jeans. Leone is very fond of the history of the look. “I prefer a pair of raw denim over distressed look,” Leone said. “I think it’s just a cleaner look. It’s kind of a throwback to where denim came from. It started with these certain cuts, with this certain denim, unwashed, untreated.”

A few doors down from Deep Sleep, is WTHN, another small shop. Mason Warner is the owner of WTHN and describes it as a “lifestyle boutique.” While WTHN mostly carries t-shirts and sneakers, Warner is essentially an expert on raw denim. Warner effortlessly recalled how raw selvedge became popular in America, which he says has been thriving underground for ten years. “Levi’s basically started it,” he said. “In the last five, six, seven years you have a lot of boutique brands that have mimicked the original 501 true selvedge, left-handed cut, raw denim. … I mean the trend is just now sort of catching on to you guys, but actually man we’ve been messing with that [expletive] for like 10 years. So you all are a little bit late on the boat, but it’s all good.”

Besides the websites of devotees, dry denim is getting a big push from hip-hop. Several rappers, like Fat Joe and Jadakiss, have rapped about brands like Evisu and Red Monkey. Wale, an up-and-coming rapper from Washington, D.C., has gained notoriety for being a “denimhead,” as the slim fitting raw selvedge gives him a look that is a stark contrast to the baggy jeans normally associated with hip-hop acts.

However, the longevity of this trend is very questionable. The jeans are very hard to find and come with a hefty price tag. The cost of producing raw selvedge makes it impractical for many mainstream companies to produce raw denim. Some companies, like Gap, have produced selvedge jeans with little or no success.about

“It’s much better on smaller companies,” Leone said. “A company like Nudie, all these Japanese companies, Samurai, Iron Heart, Sugar Cane is a good one. They produce in smaller quantities and they sell out. They continue to produce almost the same exact models and they just keep putting them out and they sell out because they’re doing them in smaller quantities. Gap, they end up being on the $30 rack.”

Cornish also said he didn’t think raw denim would go mainstream because of the cost and how hard they can be to find. “Probably not, just because a lot of the brands that make it other than Levi’s aren’t easily accessible,” Cornish said. “You can’t find it in your typical shopping mall or your retail stores. You can’t find it in most cities. The higher quality raw denim tends to be more expensive, which is prohibitive in most cases.”

From a mainstream standpoint, Warner also questioned the longevity of this trend.
“How trendy is it going to get? ” He asked. “A lot of cats front, especially in Philly, like ‘Oh yeah man, raw denim, raw denim.’ People don’t really understand that the term raw denim or true selvedge jean comes with the price tag. … You can get cross-hatched Evisu’s for $750. I don’t know a lot of cats that are going to pay for real Evisu’s.

Even if the popularity of raw denim starts to wane, Warner said that raw denim is here to stay. “It’s been around forever dude,” he said. “It’s been around for 100 years, it will be around for another 100 years.”


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