SPELLBOUND 2010 Fall/Winter Collection

SPELLBOUND 2010 Fall/Winter Collection

Today, we take a look at a brand that I am not very familiar with but from the look of things and Items, should be very popular. SPELLBOUND is a 20 year old brand originally founded in the Kojima, Okayama Prefecture. The brand consistently releases items that feature an attention to detail and quality indicative of the high-quality denim and apparel-related items from the area. Here we see the brands 2010 Fall/Winter releases which feature a mix of chambray shirts, jeans, outerwear and pants. The items feature a look reminiscent of what the workers wore during the California gold rush.

Source: Okiya

Power Rankings: April 13th Edition Featuring the Masters, Tiger Woods, The Uristocrat Commercial, Lupe, Steelers and More…

Phil Mickleson
1. Master’s – The week started with all of the hype around Tiger Woods and his return from his infidelity-based hiatus.  But almost on queue, America’s new favorite family man Phil Mickelson stole the show.  Lefty had one of the best rounds ever at Augusta, but his victory was second to his wife’s victory over cancer last year.  While Tiger’s wife didn’t show up to the Master’s, this year’s tournament was the first one Phil’s wife Amy attended since being diagnosed with cancer.  After Phil won, he and his wife shared a sincere and tearful embrace, and at that point it was clear that good guys do win sometimes. (I’m still hoping for Tiger to embrace the dark side and do a heel turn.  His effort to be more family friendly seems contrived, and quite frankly it’s boring).

2. Treme – Treme (pronounced Tre-may) is the latest show from genius (yeah I’m going there) David Simon.  After watching the first episode, I’m sure I’ll be planted on my couch every Sunday from 10-11 for the next 8-10 weeks.  Treme chronicles the return of one of the oldest black neighborhoods in the country after Katrina.  Once again, Simon has given us a gritty, realistic and authentic look into a place forgotten by mainstream news outlets.  Yes, this might start off a little show but give it some time.  Five years later, it looks like we’re finally going to hear New Orleans’ side of the story.

3.  Big Ben gets off – Christened ‘PacBen’ Roethlisberger by columnist Jason Whitlock, Big Ben has been exonerated in his latest sexual assault incident.  This is a dude that’s been living pretty dangerous.  Between his incidents with women, the motorcycle accidents, and the fact that he seems to gain like 75 pounds each off season, Ben is a dude that needs get focused in the offseason. and stop trying to force joints to smash him.  Don’t be surprised if he gets suspended for a game or two.

4.  Santonio Holmes trade x 4 game suspension – Speaking of Steelers and suspensions, the Jets stole pilfered strong-armed robbed acquired Santonio Holmes for the bargain price of a 5th round draft pick, the same day we learned he’s getting popped for four games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.  Likely knowing Holmes was going to be gone for four days, on top of his latest of a few run-ins with the law, it looks like the Steelers decided Holmes had to go.  Hopefully Mike Tomlin can get these guys under control, because right now they’re starting to look like the new Bengals.

Allen Iverson

5.  “No Crossover:  The Trial of Allen Iverson”Arguably one of the most anticipated “30 for 30’s” drops this week.  Steve James, direct of classic documentary ‘Hoop Dreams,’ takes a look back at the controversial trail of Allen Iverson that still stirs up racial tension in Hampton Roads, VA today.  This one is a must watch.

6.  Dr. Dre Detox – It’s starting to look like Detox isn’t going to drop.  For the past three to four days, we’ve been waiting for Dre to drop the single to Detox, and each day we come up short.  What’s up Doc?  Cold Feet?  At this point, I’m not even sure I care.  The idea of Detox seemed great seven or eight years ago, but at this point I’d be fine if he just went away.

7.  Nuclear Weapons Summit – Obama begins an unprecedented 2-day summit today to discuss the further mitigation of nuclear arms on the global stage.  Most attention will be towards President Obama’s meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao whose potential support of international sanctions against Iran would be monumental.  Unfortunately for the U.S., China is heavily invested in the economic performance of Iran and its growing energy sector.  Expectations of Chinese compliance are moderate at best.  This Summit, biggest U.S. hosted assembly of world leaders in over 60 years will be a huge test of Obama’s ability to rally global action on the nuclear agenda.  Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad disregards the summit proceedings as another arena for various nations to attempt to humiliate other human beings.


8.  Uristocrat commercial So Uristocrat has gone Hollywood.  Yup, we’re a big deal.  So big, in fact, that we have our own commercial.  One of the cool google one’s too.  Check out ‘What Uristocrat’s Like’ and let us know what you think.

9.   Uristocrat events recap/update We would like to thank everyone who came out this weekend for Le Nouveau Journee, which was a huge success.  It was a phenomenal way to kick off the spring/summer of 2010 and has set the tone for our biggest year yet.  Stay tuned to Uristocrat and our events section because we’re going to have a lot of fun this year.  Don’t miss out.

10.  Lupe’s 10 minute freestyle Closing out the week is a freestyle from Lupe Fiasco.  This wasn’t one of those freesytles that’s really a written over someone else’s beats.  Nah, at the end of one of his latest New York shows, Lu went off the top of the dome for 10 minutes.  An artist with a huge cult following, its stuff like that which causes the legend of Mr. Jaco to grow.

Supra “Suprawood” Vaider

Supra Suprawood Vaider

Supra releases a new colorway of the Supra Vaider to pay homage to Factory 413s home in Hollywood.  The “Suprawood” sneaker features gold accents, white midsoles and star perforated side panels.  The sneaker will be available on  April 24th, 2010.

Nike SB Dunk Low Premium Yellow Curb

Nike SB Dunk Low Premium Yellow Curb

Nike SB will release this Dunk Lo nicknamed the premium yellow Curb during the 2010 holiday season. The sneaker features a primarily black upper with a embossed elephant print. The sneaker also features a mesh toe box, griptape on the mid panel and patent leather wraps.  The sneaker also marks the return of the fat tongue.

Source: SN

Jeezy: Jealous Snippet

Here’s a snippet of “Jealous” by Young Jeezy. …As a avid supporter of all dope boy Young Jeezy releases… I can’t help but find myself impressed with the horns of the intro, but extremely disappointed in the tired hook and poor lyrical content of this snippet. Perhaps the full release and some E&J will produce more favorable sentiments…

DOWNLOAD: Jeezy – Jealous | Mediafire

Cash & Caviar Interview w/ Stalley

Cash & Caviar chops it up with Stalley to learn more about his style as an emcee, his influences, and who he respects in the Hip Hop game right now.

Stalley will be featured on the Uristocrat Mixtape which will see a April 25 release. Look out for that.

http://stalley330.bandcamp.com/ | http://www.myspace.com/madstalley |http://cashandcaviar.com

The Windmill Club 2010 Spring/Summer Collection Teaser Film

The Windmill Club joins the trend of brands releasing looks of their collections with videos with their 2010 Spring/Summer collection video. The video is shot by Brandon Roots off the western end of Fire Island. The video gives us a look at their collection which features  ties, glasses and bags, to denim and other classic, nicely tailored silhouettes. Part of the collection can be seen through this film while the rest is available through The Windmill Club


Its Phillies Open Day! Ubiq x Vans x two.one.five Opening Day Event!

Its Phillies Open Day! Ubiq x Vans x two.one.five Opening Day Event!

The reigning National League Philadelphia Phillies will finally have their MLB Home Opener today at Citizens Bank Park. To celebrate the event and the team, Ubiq, Vans and two.one.five magazine are having an opening day event to coincide with the release of the Philadelphia Phillies Vans sneaker. Come to Ubiq Walnut at 3 pm today (April 12) to get your hands on the sneaker as well as to indulge in free beer and hot dogs.