Nike True City


True City will ‘Make the Hidden Visible’ in six key European cities, and launches 14th January 2010.

Sneaker Con NYC 2010 Recap

There’s no doubt that Sneaker Con 2010 was a complete success; Hundreds piled in the Mulberry St. Market to buy, trade, and admire some of the hottest, most exclusive, and most beloved kicks known to man. Participants came locked and loaded wearing their favorite pairs that had been set aside for grand occasions like this. Those in attendance were both subtle and obvious in their admiration; some went right up to the owner, giving him/her props, while others just gave the “head-nod”, which speaks just as many volumes. After the success of the first Sneaker Con NYC in 2009, the second garnered media attention both local and nationwide, as the New York Post, NBC, Time Out New York and G4’s “Attack Of The Show” came to get a glimpse of sneaker-head culture.
In addition to the mass crowd that was in attendance, 30 vendors set up shop to get prime selling locations and tables to display their goodies and exclusives, like the Brand Jordan Look-See by Sneaker News. Others picked a spot on the main floor and placed their items neatly in front of them, while others hung their shoes around their necks or waved pairs madly in the air to grab attention. Certain pairs touched more than one hand, as they were traded over and over again as leverage for an even more expensive item. Sneaker Con NYC 2010 became more than a trade-show; with the live DJ music in the background and people yelling “Buy!”, “Sell!”, and “Trade!”, it developed into the stock-market of sneakers. If you want an idea of how everything went down, check out the pics and stay tuned for a look at our Sneaker Con Feet showcase later today.

Nike Blazer SB ‘Gold Leaf’


Nike has again produced a quality Blazer. A must have for any Blazer aficionados. This sneaker has a golden yellow suede upper, option of white or blue laces, and the royal blue leather swoosh and heel. West Coasters and relive their 30-21 ass whooping of Temple University in the EagleBank Bowl game of last month. Sorry Temple fans.  Available now from Kasina.

Windmill Club Ties


Check out these Ties from the Windmill Club.  Most of the indy brands we come across stick to the streetwear side, but these guys have given us 9-5ers a chance to go to work with style.  I’m looking forward to seeing more from these guys in the future, and I might have to pick up a tie or two in the meantime.  Available now at the Windmill store.

Nike Blazer Hi SB Varsity Red/White/Black


This upcoming Blazer release is a lot different than the usual design of the Blazers. The cut is the same, but this mostly Red shoe has a Black toe. This is a solid release and you have to like Nike doing something different. These should be available at your favorite Nike SB retailer and from Kasina.

Nike SB P-Rod 2.5 2010 Preview

Images have leaked up the upcoming P-Rod 2.5, which will be released later this spring. As the name suggests, Nike is scaling back the design on this model. These P-Rods are simple and clean, and the first few colorways aren’t that risky either. Sometimes more is less.

Black Thought Interviewed by Strictly Fitteds

Emcee / illadelph representer / Grammy Award winner, Black Thought of The Roots (more than 25,000 shows served) speaks to dropping news on upcoming projects. Thought is rocking the Strictly Fitteds Vintage SF lock up fitted baseball cap, produced by Elm Company.

Watch for the Roots upcoming Def Jam release “How I Got Over ” this year and the Strictly Fitteds online store to open for business in Fall 2010.

Clip directed by Kellen Dengler

Source: Strictly Fitteds

Edwin x Pendleton Woolen Mills Shirt


Edwin and Pendleton work together again on this limited edition Woolen Millis shirt. The shirt features quality Pendleton wool and Kaihara denim from Edwin manufactured in Japan. This shirt is limited to a run of 300 and will be available in July 2010.

This Weeks Power Rankings: January 11th Edition, NFL Playoffs, Jay-Z and the Illuminati, Nexus One and More

Kurt Warner was involved in one classics NFL playoff games from this weekend
Kurt Warner was involved in one classics NFL playoff games from this weekend

1. NFL Playoff Classics Duds – The Jets-Bengals game was awful. The Eagles-Cowboys game was a thrashing. The Patriots dynasty was murdered by the Ravens. Even the Cardinals/Packers game started as a rout, before turning into a shootout that will be talked about for a long time. I hope this week’s games are a lot better.

2. – Allow us to toot our own horn for a second – the new site design is dope. As always, be sure to check us out daily. Also, be on the lookout for Uristocrat in 2010. We’re cooking up some events this year that will be can’t miss events.

3. College Hoops – College hoops madness has officially begun, with three of the top 5 teams taking L’s this weekend. Kansas, Perdue and Duke took L’s this weekend, leaving Texas and Kentucky as the only unbeatens in the land. Exit Monday Night Football, Enter Big Monday.

4. Avatar – James Cameron’s 3D, sci-fi mega flick was being pegged as one of the greatest films of the decade before it even came out. It’s definitely lived up to the hype, becoming the fast film ever to earn a billion dollars. This film has not only scored acclaim for next generation special effects but for its story line as well.

Jay-z had Hip Hop fans going nuts with Illuminati Theories
Jay-z had Hip Hop fans going nuts with Illuminati Theories

5. Jay-Z and the Illuminati – Hov dropped that weird “On to the Next One” video, which has ramped up the Illuminati/Mason rumors again. I’m not sure if Hov is a Mason or not, but I’m pretty confident that if there is a secret society that rules the world, they might have better things to worry about than influencing the most easily influenced group of people in the world – hip-hop fans.

6. Matt Kemp and Rihanna – This couple had the celebrity blogs and the sports blogs buzzing. Personally, I think Matt Kemp is in a world of trouble. She’s proven time and time again to be a nutty jawn. Then again, Kemp has quietly been one of the best young players in the league but is stuck in Manny’s shadow. Now, I’d go out on a limb and say a few more people at least know his name.

7. The Manny Pacquiao/ Floyd Mayweather saga – Only boxing could completely screw up a 100M dollar event. This fight would’ve been bigger than any other fight to go down last decade, now it doesn’t look like it will happen at all. The latest word is that Pac Man and Pretty Boy Floyd will both fight on March 13, but not against each other. From sharing a nationwide audience likely filled with a lot of people watching their first fight in years, to splitting audiences of mostly hardcore boxing fans, the people who run boxing couldn’t be more incompetent.

8. Alabama Crimson Tide – The Tide rolled against Texas in the national championship, despite a courageous effort by Colt McCoy, with Texas handicapped by their injured star QB watching on the sidelines. Bama’s defense dominated the game, and the Crimson Tide overwhelmed Texas on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Nick Saban has become the first coach to lead two different teams to BCS Championships, but wait there’s more. The Tide is constantly reloading, and will be bringing in yet another Top 3 recruiting class this fall.

Pete Carroll to Seattle?
Pete Carroll to Seattle?

9. Pete Carroll – I don’t know about you, but I smell a scandal brewing. Between the Reggie Bush investigation starting to pick up a little steam, along with the Joe McKnight and O.J. Mayo scandals, USC might be facing some lofty sanctions down the road. Better to leave now, unscathed, and make $7 mil a year, then to stay and get what you deserve. A loyal, honest college football coach with integrity is probably not a winning one.

10. Nexus One – Another month, another “iPhone Killer” is released. Unlike its predecessors, the Nexus One seems to be a legit player in the Smart Phone field. Early critical and consumer reviews have been highly favorable for the Nexus One. If anything, it may provide an alternative for those who aren’t big fans of the Blackberry or the iPhone.

Ubiq Bo-Ro Mid Leather


Ubiq’s updates its Bo-Ro sneaker for 2010. The sneaker now comes in leather in four different colourways. Each sneaker features a Ubiq logo on the tongue, light colored gum soles and Suede button down collars.  The Bo-Ro Mid is now available from Atmos Japan.