Tayyib Ali – Cold World

Today we preview a new track from another talented Philadelphia rapper/producer and skateboarder, Tayyib Ali. The 17 year old is a renaissance man who has already generated a lot of acclaim in Philadelphia and around the country. Check out the song and tell us what you think.

17 year old Philadelphia Music Artist and Skateboarder, Tayyib Ali is now on the verge of breaking into the worlds music scene as he debut’s his new EP coming out late May 2010. Here is a single/first leak off of the tap entitled “Cold World” Produced by B.Free. Follow him on http://www.twitter.com/tayyibali for info about concert dates and song releases.

Cold World by tayyibaliaa

Babylon Cartel x World Cup 2010 Tee shirt Series

Here we preview a new project from our friends over at Babylon Cartel. They are going to release a series of shirts to celebrate the World Cup in South Africa.

We have another big project in the works. This project is centered around the FIFA World Cup 2010 which is in South Africa. Celebrating our African roots , Babylon Cartel will release a series of shirts representing each African team in this years games. Tell us what you think.

LRG Visually Heard & NFL Gifting Suite

LRG was on hand at the NFL Draft last week with a crop one new athletes looking to make their mark on the NFL. The video showcases some of the athletes at the LRG NFL Gifting Suite including Mardy Gilyard (drafted by the St. Louis Rams), Dexter McCluster (Drafted by the Chiefs), brothers Devin and James McCourty (Drafted by the Patriots and Titans respectively), Roberto Wallace (Drafted by the Dolphins) and Arrelious Benn (Drafted by the Buccanneers).

Calvin Klein Fall 2010

Calvin Klein releases a preview of the Fall 2010 collection which embraces a more easy going casual array of items.  Director Kevin Carrigan took the line in a new direction with the introduction of new denim and suiting. Certainly something to look out for the fall.

YahZarah – Dedicated To You

Hey everyone, check out this new video from YahZarah titled “Dedicated to You.”

A huge thank you to Esthero, James Poyser, Lalah Hathaway, RJD2 and our many other friends for taking time out of their busy schedules to support YahZarah and her upcoming album! Video editing by Matt Koza

Diary of the Homed Homeless (by Clint Coley aka @brothaherm)

Clint Coley

In today’s world, many people forget to count the blessings they have, and instead constantly complain about the blessings they don’t have or the blessings they feel that they “deserve”.

About a month ago I was walking home from work when I saw a homeless ask for some food. I watched as another man walked by, spit on him, and told him to “go get a fucking job.” It was the most disrespectful thing I have ever seen someone do to another person. That image was cemented in my mind and I couldn’t even begin to fathom how the homeless man felt at that moment. Over time, as the memory of that moment began to fade, I found myself complaining to my God and friends about why things were not moving in my life financially, socially and professionally. I complained about my comedy career, my job and finances and then it hit me – there are people out there who have it way worse than I do so why am I complaining. My thoughts went back to that homeless man. I realized that I was taking many of the things in my life for granted and I decided that in an effort to fully appreciate and realize the blessings I have in my life, I would find out how it feels to be stripped of everything, leaving nothing but yourself and God. I decided to, at least for a few days, see what it was like to be homeless.

On Wednesday night April 21st I decided to take this journey and go out and see what it was like to be a homeless man. I had the roughest night of my life. I started off by trying to find a place to sleep at Penn’s Landing, I slept for about 20 minutes before a public security officer woke me up and told me that I couldn’t sleep there. I then walked about a half a mile away to the Korean War memorial park where as I slept on a bench, a huge rat ran across which made me extremely uncomfortable.

After the rat incident, I moved to a Sheraton Hotel because it was cold. I wanted get warm, go to the bathroom and get a drink of water from the bathroom faucet. I go in and a man (a Freemason like myself) told me that they don’t care how bad I have to use the bathroom, don’t care how thirsty I am, or how cold I am, there is no way he will let me use the facility. Afterwards, I saw a park bench in Washington Square and slept there, but after a short while, the temperature dropped to the point where there was no way I was going sleep sitting in one spot. I then proceed to 11th and Walnut where I found a heating sewer and sat there to get warm. Even though it was late April, I feel like I had never been so cold and I appreciated something so small as a heat blowing from sewer.

After I was instructed to leave there I slept at the Subway station at Broad and Walnut. While there I was able to spend time with other homeless people and converse with them. I met a guy who was a lawyer, lost his family, and then turned to drugs as a refuge. I also met nice people who said good morning to me and let me know that no matter what I was going through or what the day brought, be blessed. I thought to myself that they have a real positive outlook on life and they have nothing, absolutely nothing. At around 7 am, I woke up and walked around downtown, begged for food and was turned down by everyone. I even begged for water and no one wanted to help (or even point me in the direction of where I could get water for that matter). The looks I got and the way I was treated made me really feel like I was just as unimportant as the cement they walked on.

Through this experience I gained a whole new perspective on life. I’m learning to appreciate the little things., A homeless man wakes up and has nothing to look forward to but the steps that he’s going to take that lead him nowhere. People ask, “hey how you doing today” and we often reply, “same shit, different day” and that bothers me, because we are not doing the same shit everyday;, we’re in school, we have jobs, we have a reason to wake up every morning. Let’s be thankful for that and stop complaining the things we don’t have.

At the end of the day a lot of my family and friends didn’t understand my decision to do this and that is OK. It was a humbling experience that reminded me to never not be ungrateful for anything, appreciate the little things in life and keep my family and friends who care about me the most in my corner because you NEVER want to end up alone.

Clint Coley is comedian from Philaelphia. Follow him on twitter @brothaherm. Email Clint@uristocrat.com for booking information

Air Jordan 11 Retro Silver Anniversary

I’m really mixed on these. On one hand, I think they look great. Might be one of the best looking pair of Air Jordan 11s seen. On the other hand, I feel like Jordan is just trying to milk all it can from the Air Jordan Retro series. Anyway, I will have to decide soon because these drop on May 1st.

A-Trak – Trizzy Turnt Up

A-Trak previews his remix of of Turnt Up. I’m having words with the DJ at the next event I go to who doesnt play this song. This song will be on A-Traks next project, Dirty South Dance 2. Check out the special Shepard Fairey print for the Cover of the single. Its pretty nice as well.

Jeezy – Hood Politics

I really like what Decatur Dan (@decaturdan) is doing out here. Here he directs the video for Jeezy’s, Hood Politics.  This is one of the featured singles from Trap Or Die II: By Any Means Necessary due out on Tuesday May 4th.

The Uristocrat Summer 2010 Style Guide

The Uristocrat Summer 2010 Style Guide

What to Wear this Summer

I always enjoy the summer because its an opportunity to show off style in different environments.  The Summer certainly rivals the spring as the time of the year to express how you really feel about clothes. Here we present the Uristocrat 2010 Summer style guide with a look at what to wear and options on where to get them.

What to wear for work



Gingham is a great way to add color and energy to any ensemble – you can wear the shirt to work with a pair of khakis or slacks or dress it down by rolling up the sleeves and throwing on a pair of your favorite jeans.  Gingham is perfect for the summer since it is a lighter weight dress shirt usually made from cotton or a cotton blend which will definitely be beneficial as the mercury continues to rise throughout the season.  I recommend getting your Gingham shirts from J. Crew or Topman.  Rag and Bone also makes a great shirt which has a smaller check compared to your average gingham shirt.

Slim Cut Khakis
Slim cut khakis should be appropriate for any work place, just make sure they don’t have pleats.  You can grab a nice pair form the Gap without breaking the bank.

Leather Shoes
Leather shoes might be a very broad category but the discernment comes with age and experience. I recommend for this summer burnished leather dress shoes, ie oxfords, that will be appropriate with any suit. Whats great about burnished leather?  the shoe fades from dark to light. Check out Cole Haan for a great selection.

A night out on the town


Chambray is a lightweight cotton cloth with a texture and color often similar to denim.  A great chambray shirt is perfect for casual events and outings. The key is making sure that the chambray shirt that is worn and is of good quality and design.  I recommend the Chimala Chambray shirt because of its exquisite detailing.

Keep it simple. Get some Levi’s 514s premium gilded jeans in a dark wash.  These jeans wont steer you wrong. They wont be too baggy or too skinny. If you subscribe to the raw denim trend, then get some Nudies.  If you wear them often enough, then by August they should have a really great worn look and feel.

Canvas Sneakers
A lot of places have rules on sneakers. Well canvas sneakers are always a great addition to any outfit and I personally feel like any places that discriminate against them miss the point of sartorial execution. I personally recommend a pair of muted Vans authentics like the One piece. Converse Jack Purcells and PF Flyers are also great choices.  Just to be on the safe side, get a pair of Sperry Boat Shoes as well but make sure not to go crazy on the colors, the classic brown will suffice.

Hanging out with the guys
Tee Shirts

Lousy Right

Hanging out with friends might be the best time and the most fun when expressing personal style. I know this summer, Uristocrats will be wearing their fair share of graphic tee shirts from names like Lousy Right (), Worn Free (Post coming soon) and Anmlhse.  Graphic tee shirts keep things simple while often making a personal statement.

Make your own shorts. It’ll be a great way to recycle an old pair of pants or jeans that you no longer wear, and they’ll provide respite from the summer heat. Check out our guide to making them (swiped from GQ):

A. Choose a pair of old khakis or fine-wale cords to sacrifice.
B. Put them on and use a pencil to mark an inch below each knee (for starters).
C. Take the pants off and lay them on the floor, making sure all the seams and hems are neatly aligned.
D. Cut each leg just above the pencil marking.
E. Repeat until the legs are even and you like the length. (Remember, you can always cut them a little shorter, but you can never make them any longer.)

My favorite brand of sneakers. Jordan brand has released some heat this year so show them off.  I would personally recommend the Air Jordan IX (9) that come in black and citrus. Some Spizikes would do as well.


Good Wood NYC
The days of gaudy jewelery have come and gone, but a custom piece of good wood can help you standout in the crowd of tees and jeans.  By this time next year, everyone might have one, so don’t sleep on it now if you like to be different.

rittenhouse row spring festival

Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival: Visit the Alfa Booth!

rittenhouse row spring festival
This Saturday will be the Rittenhouse Row Spring festival. I always enjoy going to this and this year I plan on spending a lot of time at the Alfa Booth.

Saturday, May 1   |   12:00-5:00 pm   |   rain or shine

Broad & Walnut to 19th & Walnut, 18th Street between Locust & Sansom. Free & open to the public.


$1 Water Gun Shots
$3 PBR
$3 Miller Lite
$5 Blue Moon
$5 Mint Juleps
$5 Frozen Margaritas & Daiquiris
$5 Red & White Sangria
$5 Tray of Spicy Cajun Wings & Tots

Plus TONS more specials inside the restaurant!
& if drinking with us isn’t enough, scroll down for festival highlights!
The festival highlights include:

Enter the festival through The Infiniti Lounge at Broad & Walnut Streets, pose for the cover of Philadelphia Magazine and preview the new Infiniti M (1400 block)

Fitness guru Kimberly Garrison will provide nutrition tips & free samples of vitaminwater zero TM (1400 block)

Beneficial Bank’s Kids Zone with facepainting and other fun activities (1500 block)

View Rittenhouse Row’s fashion and beauty trends on the Fashion Stage powered by XIPWIRE (1600 block)

Games and prizes form ING Direct Café (1600 block)

Dance to lively party bands from Norma Michaels Entertainment at the Infiniti Main Stage (1700 block)

Rittenhouse Row Kids’ Corner with the Shank’s Uptown Family Fun Stage, KYW Newsradio’s Kidcasting, Center City District’s Cultural Activity Stations (18th Street between Walnut and Sansom)

Donate canned goods to Philabundance and have a chance to win dinner at 13 Starr restaurants (festival-wide)

Terry Crews – Crazy Old Spice Commercials

The Terry Crews Old Spice commercials are hilarious.  The 15 second spots exhibit Crews at his theatrical best: ridiculously intense, running through walls, kicking down buildings, and defeating B.O. with 16 hours of p-p-p-POWER!!  The former professional football player is reaching new levels of success in front of the camera.  Be on the lookout for his new sitcom The Family Crews, based on his family and personal life. Old Spice Body Wash is currently killing it.  Let us not forget “did you know I’m riding this horse, backwards?”