Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor Black/Varsity Maize/Varsity Red

Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor Black/Varsity Maize/Varsity Red

The Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor is seen here. Team Jordan has decided to make slight variations for this years flagship sneaker.  The Air Jordan 2010 outdoor is designed for the playgrounds which explains the missing TUF eye.  The sneaker is designed to be more durable and features shotgun perfed leather wrapping the toe, plus a sturdy reinforcement on the tip.  The sneaker also features criss-crossing straps across the top of it.  These sneakers should be available  Fall 2010 season (July-September).

Maloof Sacramento Kings Neff Hat

Neff has teamed up with Maloof Money Cup once again for a one night limited edition Sacramento Kings hat. The hats will be given away for Skater Night at the Kings – Mavericks game April 10th in Sacramento. Skater night is a celebration of the Maloof Money Cup, which kicks off this year in New York City and then revisits Orange County, California. Keep you eyes peeled for this years new round of exclusive Neff Maloof Money Cup Hats.

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Evisu Autumn/Winter 2010

Evisu gives us a preview of their upcoming  men collections for the Autumn/Winter 2010 season. Evisu will introduce two distinct men’s denim and sportswear collections under the Evisu and new Evisu Genes labels. The debut of men’s sportswear marks Evisu’s transition into an all-encompassing lifestyle brand revamped with Morrison’s aesthetic. The denim collections provide much of the insight into the new direction of the brand, with an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship and heritage. More details are below:

– Each unique piece (t-shirts, wovens, knits, jacket, trousers, outwear, hats) incorporates a “Reference” to an iconic era, style or trend. e.g

  • Navy Deck Jacket references 1944 WWII Standard Issue Navy Pea-Coat (see “Navy Deck Jacket” image)
  • Workwear Shirt references 1929 Workwear Blazer, a uniform of the working man since the Great Depression (see “Workwear Shirt” image)
  • Waxed Overcoat references European high-design uniforms, known for their streamlined silhouettes and multifunctional pockets (see “Waxed Overcoat” image)

– The tonal branding and discrete logo are examples of the brand’s transition.
– Special care and attention was given to additional detailing, such as the reference to blood types in the clothing tag. It is a nod to the Japanese belief that blood types are indicative of  personalities, character and compatibility with others (similar to horoscopes in US).
– The Evisu line will retail from $195 to $595

– The Evisu genes label offers a more contemporary, fashion forward look for an edgier consumer.
– T-shirt, wovens, denim and outwear offer innovative designs that can be mixed and matched for a layering effect (see Nagahori/Takaida look)
– The Evisu Genes collection will be priced at $145 to $295

Both Menswear collections are debuting at selected premium retailers Autumn/Winter 2010

Find out more information about the Collection:

New Balance MT580PUG Pack

New Balance MT580PUG Pack

New Balance keeps releasing great sneakers and this is a look at the MT580PUG Pack. This pack will feature two new colorways of purple, white and grey and a green, white and grey design.  The sneakers feature a mix of suede, croc and suede and a nice gradient effect on the sole.  Look for both to release to Invincible on April 10, 2010.

XO – City Burn (Video)

Here is the video for XO’s “City Burn.” A great song and definitely something to check out. XO will be making an appearance on the upcoming Uristocrat mixtape so definitely keep your eyes and ears open for that.

Levi’s 201 2010 Fall/Winter Collection

Levi’s 201 2010 Fall/Winter Collection
Venerable Denim brand Levi’s will release a new product line this fall with the designation 201. This line will take more inspiration from workwear with details such as single pocket, donut buttons, linen patches and a relatively lower-quality denim. The fit of this denim also looks different from Levi’s other offerings. It will be interesting to see the final collection in stores and its details.

Tiger Woods: New Nike Commercial

Tiger Woods will make a return to competitive golf today at  The Masters. Nike has decided to stick by Tiger Woods during his personal problems and now releases this commercial featuring the voice of Tigers late father, Earl Woods.  The commercial manages in a mere 30 seconds explain all of Tigers issues in the piece titled “Earl and Tiger.”  I would like to know the original context of Earl’s words. What if Earl had known about Tigers tedencies to smash all the joints a long time ago and wanted to know why he did such things? That is a very far fetched argument but it would be interesting to know what Earl was really asking about.

What do you think of the commercial?

Can ‘How to Make it in America’ Make it on TV?

Can ‘How to Make it in America’ Make it on TV?
HBO is a network known for taking chances on its original programming. This season, they took a chance on a show about a group of people that are usually skeptical about anything mainstream. The show ‘How to Make it in America,’ chronicled the life of two hipsters trying to get paid sans the 9 to 5. The big risk in doing a show like this is you’re marketing to a group of people that aren’t always amenable to marketing.

This is a subculture of individuals that rolls it eyes at conformity and will tune out anything too cheesy or cliché, posing a problem since a lot of TV is cheesy and cliché. Pull it off and you get to operate within a niche market that nobody’s really in. This was the first show about the day to day struggles of 20 something’s in the city trying not to work for the man.

To help reel us in, Kid Cudi was prominently featured in a lot of the advertising for the show, although he’s probably had a total of 10 minutes of screen time during the entire series and is a minor character at best. Without a ton of details besides the appearance of an up-and-coming rap star, I think many people figured this would be Entourage for hipsters. When we learned they were going to make clothes we were probably expecting ‘The Life and Times of Bobby Hundreds.’ After 8 somewhat slow episodes, the show had enough going on to keep us tuned in each week, while moving slow enough to leave us disappointed every week.

While HBO will have no problem carrying a show that’s critically acclaimed but sags in the ratings (1. The show is averaging less than a million viewers per episode, which is terrible. 2. The Wire is arguably the greatest show of all-time and never had the ratings to match, which really wasn’t a big deal to HBO), what to the fans and critics think? With only 8 episodes in the book, and a lot of plot angles left wide open, I’m not sure if we have enough to really evaluate the show.

As it stands now, HBO is on the fence about renewing the series, though they rarely dump a show after one season. This show is backed by Mark Wahlberg, whose success with Entourage should be enough to keep Ben and Cam in our lives for another 8-10 episodes at least. If this show is on the rocks, here are the strengths and weaknesses of the show and what it needs to do to survive.

A strength and weakness of the show is its audience. As mentioned earlier, there aren’t a lot of shows targeting this audience. However, as a group its relatively small and many in the 20 something, post-grad trying to make it bucket: A.) don’t watch TV or B.) can’t afford HBO or cable because they’re trying to make it and are broke. Compare that to Entourage, which has a wide appeal and you can see where the problems start.

Speaking of Entourage, the Wahlberg x Cudi hype before the show boosted expectations that the show would be Entourage like (HBO might run into a similar problem with ‘Treme,’ David Simon’s upcoming drama based in New Orleans featuring two of the bigger stars from ‘The Wire,’ which of course is the greatest show ever). I figured they’d be making jeans by the third episode and would be running around NYC spending tons of guap by the finale. Instead, they were barely making ends meet throughout the show. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and is a lot more realistic, but it’s a lot different than we were lead on to think. Even if there is a second season, I think there will still be expectations for ‘Crisp’ to blow up, and the show’s big brother Entourage will always loom or stand as a basis of comparision.

The characters are easy to relate to, which is an advantage. Ben is the guy who hates his 9-5 and is always one legitimate start up a way from leaving it all behind, the guy who’s only a slacker because he doesn’t give a ‘s’ about what he does now, and would hard in something he likes. Cam is the schemer who never has a legit gig, but always seems to make ends meet. None of the schemes ever really go far, but they do enough to keep him out of grandma’s basement. Capo is the rich dude whose money is a lot longer than his cool, and utilizes the bucks to forge his way into the in-crowd. Rachel and Julie are the artsy girls trying to figure out what they want to do, while balancing their ambitions with their convictions, on top of the need/want to make money and have nice things. Rene is the hustler trying to go legit and Cudi … actually I’m not sure what Cudi is bringing to the table at this point.

A lot of us in the target audience either play those roles now, have friends that fit those molds or have so in the past. These characters should stick around, although it looks like they might be writing Rachel out and Cudi needs to do something because his last few appearances have looked contrived at this point.

The plots that don’t quite intertwine are probably the big problem. Number one, there’s too much going on which has kept the show from moving at a faster pace. The trials and tribulations of ‘Crisp’ are cool, which also include Ben’s love life and their moral hazard of figuring out if they like Capo, his investment money or both. Rene’s escapades with Rasta Monsta fit in since he also has ties with ‘Crisp’ and is Cam’s cousin. That should be it. It looks like they’re going to be either writing Rachel out of the show, or downsizing her role, which is good.

The parallel plots in Entourage work because E, Johnny Drama and Turtle are big enough characters to carry their own plots. Anybody not tied into what Ben and Cam are up to shouldn’t matter. It looks like the writers figured that out late in the season, although it might be a bit too late.

Hopefully, the reductions will help the show pick up the pace. In the second season they have to do more than make one pair of jeans and a few hundred shirts. At this point, I’m not expecting ‘Crisp’ to turn into the next Supreme in 10 episodes, but the business aspect of the show should pick up. The appeal of the show is strongly tied into the business aspect of it. I’m not sure if they realize this or not, yet. A lot of us tune in because we might have dabbled (or are currently dabbled in) fashion, music, party promotions, acting/film and just about anything else that would give us enough cash to not wear a shirt and tie for a living.

A plot/character reduction would be good for the overall feel of the show as well. Characters like Rachel, her boyfriend, her boss, her friend doing the Peace Corp thing in Africa and Kid Cudi seem to only exist in the show to cover the prototypical character bases. If they don’t fix this problem, don’t be surprised if Ben starts dating a woman in “Teach for America” and Cudi puts out a mixtape or two.

That said, I think the show has a lot of potential. The life and times of people in their 20s trying to make it can be just as interesting as watching the adventures of a crew of 20 year olds who’ve already made it big. Despite its shortcomings, it’s made it far enough to have us wondering what will happen next. Will they go to Japan? Will Ben get back with Rachel? Will Cam and Rene get in trouble for destroying the truck? If they trim the fat and really focus around the core characters, I think “How to Make it in America,” can make it on HBO.

Learn more about “How to Make it in Americahere.

Y-3 Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Release Party at Joan Shepp

Y-3 now has their Spring/Summer 2010 Mens and Womens collection at Joan Shepp in Philadelphia.  The store will be having a speicial relase party for the collection on Wednesday April 14 from 7pm to 9pm at the store. Music will be by DJ King Britt.

Joan Sheep
1616 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

To attend this event RSVP to

Make sure youre there!

Vans Vault Chukka LX “Philadelphia Phillies”

The Philadelphia Phillies get their version of the a Vans Vault Chukka LX to enable great Phillies fans to flaunt their pride.  The sneaker takes inspiration from the Phillies Jersey and features a grey suede upper with red accents.  The sneaker also features the Phillies ‘P’ logo on the heel in red and is equipped with white shoelaces and a white, vulcanized rubber sole. The shoe will be sold with a complimentary limited edition Majestic Authentic Jersey at UBIQ in Philadelphia on April 12th at 11Am. Here’s the catch, only 12 pairs will be available.

Man About Town Spring 2010

Man About Town, interviews and photographs Dominique Hollington for their Spring issue. He was photographed by Karim Sadli for An American in Paris. The goal was to use the medium of photography to show the story which was done very well. Dominique is outffited in Ralph Lauren by Simon Foxton.

Shafiq (Sa-Ra Creative Partners) feat. Bilal – Cheeba

Extended web version music video for “Cheeba” by Shafiq (Sa-Ra Creative Partners) feat. Bilal that incorporates several pieces of music off of Shafiq’s debut solo album “Shafiq En A-Free-Ka”.

Album: Shafiq En’ A-Free-Ka
Artist: Shafiq Husayn
Feature: Bilal
Label: Plug Research
Director: Kahlil Joseph
DP: Matthew J. Lloyd
Produced by: What Matters Most

Nike SB Stefan Janoski: Blue

The Nike SB Stefan Janoski is one of the cleanest Nike SB sneakers. Here is a look at the blue and white colorway of the sneaker which will be released later this year.  The sneaker features a vulcanized sole with attributes that make it very similar to a boat shoe.  The sneaker also features black eyelets, white stitching and a blue midsole.

Air Jordan 2010 Team: Holiday 2010

Air Jordan releases these images of the Air Jordan 2010 Team sneaker.  This version of the sneaker differs a bit from the original Air Jordan 2010 with a new toebox shape and the absence of the TPU eye. This might be the first occurrence of a Air Jordan signature model being evolved for Team colorways.