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Common’s “Finding Forever” is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums even though the subject matter on this album is more focused on love and relationships. This is especially characterized by the song “I want you” which describes a long lost love.


Alright. Its Tuesday and I’m still listening to Common’s new album. I am actually listening to “Misunderstood” at this very moment. I feel like this album signifies the maturing that I’m trying to do. I have spent the last year being a little cocky and arrogant and this subsequently have ignored my family and friends. I have taken other peoples needs and wants for granted and this hurt them. Its alright though because from this point on, I will never be the cause of a failed friendship.

Let’s go back to talking about Finding Forever. I will admit that this album has a cohesiveness in subject matter which really surprised me because of the couple of songs that I heard pre release. It seems as if Common is telling listeners of his album to find a way to resolve any issues that they might have personally or with the world.

Common never directly tells his listeners to go out and change the world but he narrates his motivations for making music and for certain actions that he has taken through out his life. Is through this narrative in which you realize that you have to make a change for the better.

It should be noted that not everyone is going to feel this way. Commons album was probably a tipping point for emotions that I was already feeling. I have had a different frame of mind since I came back Ghana. Spending two weeks in Africa has changed a lot of my perspectives, aspirations and motives. I realised a few things about myself and I regained a focus on a few things that I had lost sight on. It is now my goal to correct those wrongs and yet to fulfill my mission in life. I just want to do the right thing from now on and start acting like the adult that I am. I am going Stop blaming others for my flaws and mistakes but rather spend time eliminating them. There are certain mistakes that are not fixable but the I will endeavour to not repeat them again.

I just hope my momentary lapses in judgement don’t come back to bite me in the ass.

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