the five people you meet in heaven

I just finished reading the five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom and I think its a pretty good book. I am not going to attempt to erview the book but I did take a lot from it. Reading this book makes you wonder who you will meet in heaven. I will not do that though. I will rather attempt to live a life in such a way that the five people I meet are people who have had a positive impact on my life. Of course I can’t control the impact that others will have on my life but I hope that those experiences are positive even though its almost guaranteed that they will not.

Thee is something else that was said in the book that struck me pretty hard. Love us something that you nourish over time and you can either allow it to grow or you can try to suppress it a certain point. A suppression of love just means that the love happens to live on in past memories and is not allowed to grow in new experiences.

I believe that the world love has taken such a lofty and romantic notion that it should be replaced with the word “care.” I mean if you care for someone then you obviously have some sense of love for that person. People need to stop trying to make love some sort of special feeling that only a few select people have the privilege of experiencing. Anyone who remotely has an impact on someone’s life should feel some sort of love in response and by love I mean care. I’ve that anyone remotely important should be accorded a certain level of care and thus love. The amount of care though depends on how impryant that person is to you. Of course the amount of care and love that I show my family is going to be different than someone who I met yesterday but you get my point. I just want people to stop makng the word love a big deal. If you obviously care for someone then you obviously love them. There is no way you can stop loving someone or just one day start loving them because you see always going to care for that person. Now I know that this whole post has probably annoyed those of you who use love to signify milestones in certain relationships. What I’m trying to say is thee is now way for you to say you don’t love someone all of a sudden or you all of a sudden you don’t love them anymore. It is just safer to say that you want more involvement between your two lives or you don’t want their life to impact tours as much as it did before. That’s understandable. Its just hard to believe using my definition of love that it just gets to a point where someone stops caring for another person. It just so happens that the amount of care that you wish to not care as much about that person.

I personally care a lot for my friends. I always want the best for people who are close to me even if its not hard to see because of my sometimes selfish and immature nature. However I still do care for people. It just so happens that certain aspects of life with that person may be eliminated. I mean I have a friend from freshman year that I was really cool with. We are not so cool at this point but at the end of they day I still wish the best for that man. I still hang out with him on occasion and he is still my friend. I have never thought of not calling him a friend. To be honest, I don’t think I have ever stopped being friends with someone.

But uh, ill stop there. is coming soon….