the perfect dude

“I want a ivy league educated, street smart, pretty, sweet, sexy, romantic, slightly assholish, dark, tall, lightskinned, regular, well dressed, short, with braids, romantic, church going dude”

A few friends and I spent the early evening having a nice little conversation when this topic reared its ugly head. Its almost impossible to count the amount of times that I’ve heard a young woman make such a statement chock full of contradictions and totally devoid of reality. These women basically strive for an idealized perception that can never be attained by a mere mortal. The statement above does not reflect all the adjectives used to describe such beings.

I’m not saying that its bad to strive to meet a guy who personifies traits that you consider important. It is, however, a travesty to deny a guy a chance because he is missing one of these traits or to leave someone because they are good at most things but missing something. A lot of young women are sitting around waiting for something that will never materialize because I don’t think there will ever be someone who is going to be perfect. Every one has their imperfections and these blemishes are what makes us human.

Its safe to say that everyone has an idealized image in their minds. I even have my own but I will never use that a a strict measuring stick. Part of being in a relationship is accepting your partners faults and basically accepting them for who they are. Of course, if you are not happy in a situation then its probably best for you to move on. There is no denying that fact.