TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Swizz Beatz

The Smoking Section has an interview with Swizz Beatz. I like the album.

Here is an Excerpt:

TSS: In terms of books, movies, magazines, what influences you? What do you draw on for inspiration?

Swizz: Mainly, the art world. I get a lot of inspiration from there. I get a lot of inspiration from world music…different music I listen to all day in the crib. When I go around [I get] inspiration off seeing people in the streets.

TSS: I think you’re becoming somewhat more of a style icon with the Kid Robot line. You pay attention to art and visual art specifically. Where did that come from? Were you always like that as a child?

Swizz: It comes from seeing the pillole viagra graffiti. Back in my hood, they were like ‘that’s crazy…how the hell did they paint a whole train?’ That was just in my blood.

TSS: And how do you envision taking that art and the partnerships you’ve created and making into something that is signature Swizz Beatz…is it going to be a clothing line? What is it going to be in the end?

Swizz: Kid Robot is the clothing line…that was our first step. That is the signature.

TSS: Do you constantly put people out there to look for things like that?

Swizz: Nah, I’m out there myself.

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