10.Deep Fall 2009 Preview Trailer

Here is a preview of the 10.Deep Fall 2009 collection. Read the blurb from the brand as well…

“With football season around the corner, schools prepare to re-open, political showdowns begin and with the onslaught of fall, the real bruising begins. Here at 10.Deep, we salute the losers, outcasts, miscreants, naysayers, and problem children who drive change in our culture. In our Fall ’09 Lookbook, Proud to be a Problem, we reclaim the streets of New York in preparation for our upcoming delivery…don’t sleep and keep your eyes open for the first peek at what’s in store.”

10.Deep Fall Delivery 1 ships the beginning of next week.

Also check out a link to the a link to a leak of the song http://uristocrat.com/2011/03/the-hangover-ii-extended-trailer/ from the upcoming Donnis mixtape dropping next week.