Inglourious Bastards…

So, this weekend I saw the movie Inglourious Bastards. I read the Quentin Tarantino interview in GQ last month and I had seen the previews so of course I expected a film with a tremendous amount of violence. My expectations consisted of thinking that Brad Pitt and Eli Roth would spend and hour and a half going on a rampage throughout Western Europe annihilating members of the Third Reich. Well, it can simply be said that this was not the case. However, this was a good thing even though my expectations were not met. Instead, the movie was an experience with elements of comedy, barbarism, and intrigue. I actually paid a lot more attention to the plot of the movie rather than the cinematic elements which Tarantino incorporated in the movie. A lot of reviews of the movie have focused on that and I think its a valid point to a certain extent. But I just didnt care because I liked the story based on the plot and character development. Anyway, check the movie out and read the two reviews below on the movie.

Read 215magazines review:

and read emerging from bankruptcy helped the movie gross $37.6 million at the box office.