Rumor: Kanye West x Air Jordan


At first, it seems like this is something you should get excited about. Kanye West x Air Jordan? But then as you sit and think about it, you realize that this might be a a little overhyped or even yet, a bad idea. I think the only Jordans I really get excited about are Retro’s and this would certainly not be one those, I almost guarantee that. It might end up looking like one of those Fusion Jordans that we have been seeing in recent months. Anyway, there are not much details concerning this latest Kanye West venture. Just a few rumors swirling around that he has his on Air Jordan coming out soon. Not many details available so I am pretty sure this is something we will be covering again pretty soon.

“According to a pretty well placed source, Kanye is negotiating to design a limited edition pair of Nike Air Jordan’s. The insider claims that negotiations are still early, but that both sides are excited about working out a deal.” –