Sneaker Pimps Philly Recap/Clipse Interview


Verizon’s Sneaker Pimps Saturday night was definitely the place to be due to numerous designers showcasing tee shirts to massive amount of sneakers on display. The sneaker display featured hundreds of exclusive sneakers from every major brand including Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Reebok and I even saw a K-Swiss sneaker somewhere in there.  Of course, the highlights of the show were the performances and there were many. Opening acts Writtenhouse, Hustle Simmons, Selina Carrerra, and Dice Raw, kept the crowd engaged with their hype performances and it didn’t hurt that Dave Jeff and Philadelphia personality Ron Crawford kept the crowd entertained with giveaways. The anticipation was heavy for artist J. Cole and hip-hop veterans the Clipse. The crowd felt every lyric from J. Cole as he performed his heart out for his first performance in the city. The Clipse ended the night with hit after hit and  tracks from their new album dropping in October. Sneaker Pimps left the crowd more than pleased bringing true hip hop and street fashion to Philadelphia. Thanks to the whole Sneaker Pimps Crew for a great event especially Peter Fahey, as well as Ron Crawford and Key Storey.

Video production by Alexander Allen

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