Cosign or not: The Hooded Scarf

What do you guys think? Thumbs up or thumbs down on the hooded scarf?

  1. Edwin Akrong

    I feel like if i wore this, I would keep my jacket closed. Which would then defeat the whole purpose of wearing one.. I bet it keeps your head very warm though… and you could take it off if you got hot… I think I like…

  2. Kev

    thumbs down. might be the worst fucking scarf ive ever seen.

  3. Bri

    hmmm… there are few fashion don’ts if styled properly, so I would probably wear this. I don’t think it will become a trend (unless Jay-Z wears it of course), which makes it even better. But this is clearly hit or miss. I likey though 🙂

  4. Teemo

    I am definitely feeling this. Where to kop?

  5. Sam

    I said it on Twitter, and I’mma say it again… if you want a hood, wear a hoodie. This shit is like an overly-ambitious Dickies turtleneck!

  6. Leigh-amber

    I personally like however it appears to be one of those it or miss items. If it’s worn in just the right way it has the potential to be a great accessory…

  7. baberuthofbanter4

    noooo way.. not feelin that.. you get that pelican/turkey effect with the extra fabric… not a fan.. if the hood is not attached to a sweatshirt/jacket of some sort.. there’s a PROBLEM

  8. Sam

    that dude’s totally gonna get his ass kicked at school for wearing that. Bet.

  9. Jimmy

    thumbs down … it reminds me of the jacketless hoods you can purchase at Foreman Mills ….

  10. Teemo

    Sam, I would expect someone with poor taste in music and clothing such as yourself to not “get” a type of garment like this. I think someone with real style and creativity could manage to pull this off. Also, note to you and everyone else: Throwing on Jordans and matching your shoe strings to the colors in your tee and plopping on a fitted cap is NOT a valid method of dressing well.

  11. Sam

    Teemo, when I’m done crying I’m gonna kick your ass.

  12. Chris

    Where can I Buy This….? it looks pretty cool and I really wanna buy this.
    The one from D&G Its sold out soo plzzz tell me…

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