Double Dutch this Thursday!!

Double Dutch this week is going to be awesome.. Why? Because IT’S GUN$ GARCIA’S *&^$%^#@!#$ BIRTHDAY!!!
If you missed the last Double Dutch, you absolutely DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!!

There’s going to be OMG Michelle [] from Brooklyn, NY coming to Phlly!!!!
They are a four female rap group with a sound that that can only be described as “DJ Kingdom meets Crime Mob meets Chicago Juke meets Southern Bass and has two identical twins who look nothing alike.”

As well as special GUEST DJ’S!! Both from D.C. There are:


Resident DJ’s

Gun$ Garcia
Lady Prowl

Jenny Boom Boom & Talea Bella

Its  themed as 90’s HIP HOP. So, dust off those Adidas track jackets, kangol hats and rope chains!The person with the most AUTHENTIC 90’S HIP HOP outfit WILL DRINK FREE ALL NIGHT!!!!!!  ANDDDDDD there is  FREE PBR LIGHT and $1 well drinks till 11PM. So get there earlyyyyyyy!!!