Duke & Winston Fall/Winter 2009


Today, Uristocrat takes a look at a Philadelphia based brand, http://uristocrat.com/tag/emmitt-smith/. The brand was founded based on the founder, Seun Olubodun’s repulsion with grown men wearing questionable attire and thus http://uristocrat.com/tag/emmitt-smith/ was born in conjunction with his flummoxed English Bulldog, HRH the Duke. With that in mind, Duke & Winston was founded in Philadelphia in the Summer of 2008 as a light casual-wear brand for men, one that places substance, refinement, and practicality above flashy, indulgent, and downright barbaric style.

The Duke & Winston name pays homage to both the aforementioned Bulldog, HRH the Duke himself (placed first on the letterhead at his insistence) and the greatest gentleman of his (or any other) time: Sir Winston Churchill, widely known as the “British Bulldog” for his tenacity (as well as for his wrinkly resemblance to said dog breed). Each, in their own right, embody the fundamental precept upon which Duke & Winston was founded: that true gentlemen (and Dogs) of every era prefer to craft a style all their own.

Conceptually, Duke & Winston draws its inspiration from founder Olubodun’s upbringing in various parts of the world, particularly Olubodun’s formative years spent in the United Kingdom. Aesthetically, our design concepts are drawn from various periods throughout history, and are blended with new and modern notions of gentlemanly style; the result, we believe, is a line of clean and unique apparel that appeals to the fashion-forward man of today, while remaining ever mindful of the past.

http://uristocrat.com/tag/emmitt-smith/‘s Fall/Winter 2009 collection is now available in their online store and includes a variety of hooded sweatshirts and tee shirts.

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