Мишка Spetsnaz Mark III Lookbook

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The combination of functionality and form has made the Spetsnaz jacket a popular choice for city riders, couriers and weekend warriors alike.  Clean lines, simple design and sturdy construction have made this jacket a perfect shell for any situation.  Whether you are bee-lining it through city traffic on a bike or just feel the need to look good, the Spetsnaz Mark III jacket offers a little something for everyone.  Currently on it’s third incarnation, the Spetsnaz Mark III features taped seams a fully breathable and windproof nylon material which is water proof up to 10,000 mm of pressure.  It also features more streamlined cuts optimized for riding, arm vents just in case you get stank, and a drop tail to shield your ass from the elements.  In short, this jacket was could withstand the rigors of riding through a tsunami without compromising looks.

Currently the http://uristocrat.com/2011/07/atmos-x-casio-g-shock-dw-6900/atmos-gshock-1/ and at 350 Broadway and retails for $209.99.  If anyone rides their bike to the store, Mishka will offer a 20% discount on said item.