New TIMBERLAND “Scuff Proof” Boot is indestructible!

This is nuts! Timberland has finally hit the jackpot. Timberland has developed a material that makes their 6 in boot “scuff proof” and there is video to prove it.Last year, Timberland introduced the “scuff proof” boot with specially-treated leather, in black.You could take a nail to them and nothing would happen. For September 2009, the company is bringing out the scuff proof boot in wheat, 6 in. Many know it’s close companion that goes by the nickname of “Butters”. This scuff proof boot gives you the same style and comfort as it’s twin, but steps it up by being unscuffable. That means, just like the first edition in black, no longer will you have to worry about scratching them up on the cement or even accidentally rubbing your foot along the curb, because these boots are built for toughness.

Most folks don’t believe it’s possible. As a result, Villa, one of the east coast’s premiere urban retailers of footwear and apparel, took to the streets of Philadelphia to allow people to test out the boot. People spilled coffee on the material (declaring that Folgers would make the right stain!), beat it with wood, scraped it with a knife, tried to rip it in half – one guy compared it to Sham Wow, while another sacrificed his own pair of Timberlands to prove to other passersby that the Scuff Proof boots are the real deal. While many tools were used to stain and scuff the boots, no one was hurt – only the pride of men on the streets of Philadelphia!
The video above proves it and so do the numerous other videos on the