Nudie Jeans Wear and Tear Competition


To get the perfect jeans, start to wear in a pair of dry denims. To break in a pair of dry, unwashed jeans you need to wear them everyday for at least six months before you wash them. No pre-washed or pre-faded jeans in the world can compete with a pair of natural worn in jeans. The special features of the
indigo dye makes the jeans age in a unique and beautiful way, reflecting your everyday lifestyle.

To celebrate the magic of the indigo colour, Nudie Jeans Co arranges a global Wear & Tear Competition during 2009. The competition launches on the 1st of July and ends on the 28th of February 2010. A winner with the most beautiful pair of Nudie Jeans is appointed in each country where you can find a Nudie Jeans retailer. The grand price is a $727 voucvher (or whatever is the equivalent of 500 euro voucher) in the Nudie Jeans web shop (in Australia and Japan the voucher will be valid in the Nudie Jeans Concept stores). The competition can easily be followed at cialis online pharmacy sildenafil citrate, also by non-contestants.

To enter the competition all participants need to register at bankruptcy financing car. After registration, a user profile will be created where images continually can be uploaded to show the break in process of all contender’s dry denims. Each participant’s latest uploaded image will automatically be published in the ”Wear&Tear Denim Gallery” on our web site. The winners will be announced at cialis online pharmacy sildenafil citrate in March 2010.