Red Bull Public Assembly Video… This Wednesday 9/16 at Marbar

Little Giant Media was chosen to put together the biggest, hardest banger in West Phil’s newest music venue (the one with a wall of windows, so you can really show off your stuff!.) Get sweaty fast with the relentless power of DJ Diamond Kuts and her Bmore lovin’ club jams, get dutty all over Mad Decent’s DJ Sega and bring it all back home with Sammy Slice and his unforgiving hip hop jams. Drink specials and hors d’oeuvres abound!

Maluca – Live (mad decent)
Sammy Slice
DJ Diamond Kuts
DJ Sega

Hosted by Gravy.

After Party at SUPER DOPE!!!!!!!! at with DJ Phsh and crew.
(One 19th and Samson)

“Red Bull has challenged two of the top party producers and promoters in Philly to show us what they’ve got. These are the people that keep our city’s life exciting and fresh night in and day out. Each Promoter is working with the same tools; a club of their choice, a budget to be used at their discretion, and a DJ they book. Red Bull doesn’t ever like to cramp anyone’s style so whatever else they choose to do at the party is on the individual Promoter. The Promoter who produces the best party, picked by a panel of experts, will get a budget to make their dream event a reality in at the Red Bull Space, NYC.”