Shocking Youth 2009 Fall Collection

I am very impressed with the a brand that I just ran across from England called Shocking Youth. Shocking Youth is a new clothing label and design house run by two young Londoners who recognise and respect the power of superior design, exclusivity and quality product.

Shocking Youth relate to the people who are fed up with the same old high-street tat, the same appropriated visuals, piss poor designs and slogan t-shirts that say absolutely nothing about the wearer, all lost in the ocular noise of transient fashion. Refusing to opportate in this bloated and repetitive mechnaism Shocking Youth have set up shop to offer a unique perspective on clothing design and production.

Shocking Youth believe in limited small runs of their garments to guarantee the customer exclusivity of the product. Each item is bestowed with an individual catalogue number to record, register and celebrate it’s existence as a limited item. Check out their online store which features a variety of tshirts with innovative designs. online cialis soft cheap secure