Sick and Tired of Human Race: A Collection of Work by Bigfoot at Mishka 350 Broadway Store


Bigfoot is in town.  And no we aren’t talking about that hairy-ass yeti often spotted traipsing the tree-line of the Yukon.  Bigfoot – the San Francisco Art Institute drop-out – better known for his caricatures of said man-beast will be showcasing archived and recent works at Mishka’s acclaimed 350 in Brooklyn.

The anonymous artist made popular his iconoclastic character of Bigfoot which dotted San Francisco city streets during the greater part of the late 90’s and early 2000.  In addition to being a graffiti and street art fixture, Bigfoot also made his mark by co-founding I-Path skate shoes with pro-skater Matt Field.  Since then, Bigfoot’s trademark has graced many applications including partnerships with Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 and more recently, North Face.

We will celebrate the Bigfoot show at their flagship store at 350 Broadway, with an opening night party on Thursday, September 10th.  The show will remain open to the public for six weeks and all artwork will be available for sale.

Sick and Tired of Human Race: A Collection of Work by Bigfoot
Opening Reception: Thursday September 10th, 7-10pm

350 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

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