Cash Crop Clothing

dui tempe

I would like to introduce everyone to Cash Crop Clothing Today. Cash Crop Clothing is 100% organic clothing line. Focusing on cut and quality with a mission of making clothing for the masses from recycled and organic materials to construct a clean fit. Steering away from logo blasted tees used for marketing but rather designs and statements that challenge the thought process…

With a dedication to making quality clothing for the masses, each Cash Crop piece is crafted with a clean cut and fit in mind, bringing merit to the streets and a feeling that’s right to the wearer. Steering away from logo-blasted tees, Cash Crop boasts statement pieces that challenge the mind rather than market the logo.

Like the rest of us we like to look fly… we like our kicks and our denim.. We just don’t understand why we have to be so destructive to look good. We knew there had to be a more effective ways to make quality clothing.

We have also been working hard to make the perfect garment.. Perfect fit from the collar to the sleeve to length and the way it launders. We do care about our customer and we do care about standing up what we believe in. so that’s whats up. That’s us.. Mad respect to everyone just doing what they feel is right.

Visiting the brand’s website at will give you a glimpse at their Spring 2010 collection. Its rare to find a brand that strives to enviromentally conscious while still focused on making compelling streetwear. Check out the gallery below for shots from their Spring 2010 collection.