City of Savages Clothing “Live Free or Die” Collection

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I present to you a new clothing brand out of Atlanta,, that just released its Savage Noir collection.

Inspired by the social ills and thrills of urban America,”>City of Savages Clothing has emerged as the ultimate product of its environment. As a complete reflection of day to day life in the streets City of Savages Clothing paints a vivid picture of life in urban America by combining bold eye catching imagery with a fresh but gritty persona. Anchored by an undying spirit of individualism which is apparent through the brands tagline “Live Free or Die”, the mission of City of Savages is not only to create the best possible product for the customer but to incite a spirit individualism which will unite people of every walk of life to follow their own passions and throw caution to the wind…

Check out the gallery to see more of their shirts and visit for more information.