Dennis O’Neil for The Class Fall 2009 Campaign

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I just got introduced to Korean label california dui 2nd offense. Here is a look at their fall 2009 campaign starring Dennis O’Neil. The great thing about this collection are the slim fittings.

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  1. Pandya


  2. Grisel


  3. KatieBabe

    Wow where did this guy come from and why only now did I find out about him?!!
    Dennis O’Neil will you marry me? *FAINTS*

  4. Xanax

    My dream man!
    He looks so distinguised and handsome in that brown suit w/ the matching glasses. (Squeals like a tween!) Haha!

    @ KatieBabe: I’m glad you finally found out about him… it’s never too late to hop on the Dennis bandwagon! 🙂 He’s a looker ain’t he?

  5. Kirsten

    Love the clothes and especially him! Hehe!

  6. PennyLane

    OMG thanks to the poster above (lackingmoon) for the video link. He is adorable, Just wow!!

  7. Lundz

    Totally my ideal man! Looks like he’s getting popular now…he’s not my little secret anymore! 😀

  8. chumi

    A hot Asian model! About damn time!

  9. styna_vagina

    Looking at him…my pussycat just quivered w/ excitement and is now all wet. Rawr!!! HAHA!

  10. kun

    0h my god. He s0 s0 handsome. I luv dennis.

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