Triumvir “Hell Is For Heroes” Winter 09

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After staging the post-apocalyptic world through the autumn Blind Faith collection, Triumvir adds another layer to the epic by introducing the antagonist in its winter collection, entitled Hell is for Heroes. Influences of the collection include both fictional depictions of villains as well as the lengths that religious military orders would go
for their beliefs historically. As a continuation of the storyline, Creative Director Brandon Cheng has conceptualized his vision of the maniacal antagonist’s wardrobe. With a darker color scheme, a grittier feel, and a dispiriting overtone, pieces from the winter collection serve as a direct contrast to those of the fall. Triumvir presents
Hell is for Heroes to those who have unapologetically rooted for the villain all along.

One of the key highlights of the season includes the Knights Hospitallers M65 Jacket. Drawing inspiration from the heavy chainmail that Crusaders wore during their time, the rugged M65 model is constructed with sheen on the outer shell and heavy cotton canvas layering. This unwashed outer layer eventually develops its individuality by molding the wearer’s body. Another noteworthy piece is the Panzerdivision Wool Jacket—the fusion of a double-style leather motorcycle jacket, a pea coat, and a German panzer-division tank officer jacket. A black rose embroidery strategically placed on the heart of the jacket represents the woman subject of conflict who will be introduced in the future. It is through bold choices in these minute details that the collection unveils multiple
dimensions of the narrative.

All pieces are produced domestically in Orange County with limited quantities—50 Panzerdivision and 100 Knights Hospitallers M65 jackets.

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