UndrCrwn Presents Handskills

This week UNDRCRWN presents, The “HAND SKILLS” package.

By blending both sports culture and music- UNDRCRWN’s brand new sweatshirt & tee pay homage to your favorite Hip Hop Heavyweight & the man some believe is the greatest pound-for-pound champion.

There are many subtle ties back to this world famous boxer- whether it be the “X’s” used as a symbol for his famous knockouts, bright red boxing gloves, or the small faces used in the lettering. Haven’t figured out the musical ties? Read the lyric printed on the sweater & then listen to owner construction loans.

Starting Thursday November 5, 2009
The Crew & Tees will be available for purchase at www.UNDRCRWN.com & fine retailers around the world.
Special colorways available only at d is for cialis