55DSL x adidas Originals: Experience Enhancer Device T-shirts

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In addition to bringing you 15 years of awesomeness via the XV/55 limited edition sneaker, they are also introducing five super cool t-shirts with cutting edge graphics that will blow your mind! Each t-shirt represents one of the five themes of the project. And each graphic, drawing inspiration from graffiti, pop art and urban attitude, tells an irreverent and cheeky tale.

Theme: Music
Graphic: A skull
What it says: I live for concerts and parties, guitars, beer and cigarettes. I love long hair, heavy metal and catching drumsticks that are thrown into the audience after a performance. Long live rock ‘n’ roll!

Theme: Hot
Graphic: A banana
What it says: All eyes are on me when I walk into the room. I’m so hot even the banana on my t-shirt wants to get undressed. Don’t slip me your phone number on a cocktail napkin, that’s so lame. But maybe if you’re lucky we’ll make out later.

Theme: Actions
Graphic: An eyeball
What it says: I’m the king of kick flips and McTwists. I rule the half pipes and snowparks when I’m not getting kicked out of the mall by security guards.

Theme: Pranks
Graphic: A telephone
What it says: I spend my free time prank calling my best friend, and causing trouble and getting away with it…most of the time.

Theme: Arts
Graphic: A tube of paint
What it says: I tag as a way to get my message across. Ink, spray paint, pencils and brushes are my modes of communication. I’m a DIY’er and make ironic t-shirts and personalize all my items of clothing, new and old. I stand apart from the crowd.

Five t-shirts. Five graphics. Five stories. Which one are you?

Available starting in December 2009. There’s a new (and OH SO EASY!) way to win the 55DSL x adidas Originals XV/55 Sneakers… Just subscribe to the 55DSL newsletter and WIN INSTANTLY at irs tax agreement!