Babylon Cartel Fall 2009 Lookbook

Babylon Cartel is a start-up Street Wear brand out of Philadelphia , Pennsylvania. Babylon Cartel has been created to provide a different feel on boutique style apparel. Babylon Cartel & Co is a “Boutique-Style“clothing line that is aimed towards the Sneaker and Street-wear Culture, appealing to consumers of all classes and colors, ranging from ages 15 to 45. It is a line based on certain aspects of the Fashion, Music, Art, and Media cultures. “The meaning behind “Babylon Cartel” Is basically a secret society of creativity. Elements who agree to work together to create the most individualistic forms. These elements of the “Cartel” are Mind, Body & Soul. These elements dwell in the most beautiful city ever created “Babylon”, which is ironic because the city was destroyed.” Babylon Cartel specializes in creating graphic t-shirts, crew neck sweaters, hooded sweatshirts, limited edition and certain “one of one” screen-printed pieces.

Feel Free to visit their website , and view their merchandise.

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  1. Confused

    I truly support entrepreneurship, and I am also an advocate of originality. Innovation is underrated these days…and this line proves exactly that. There’s an uncanny resemblance between this ‘Babylon’ symbol and the University of Pennsylvania shield. It perturbs me not only because fashion, in general, connotes creativity, but also because “”The meaning behind “Babylon Cartel” Is basically a secret society of creativity.” (Please see above). Inspiration is one thing; imitation is another.

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