Casio G-Shock x Parco x haslux – Parco 40th Anniversary Limited Watches

lowest price generic cialis is  celebrating their 40th anniversary and have teamed up with creative team haslux and Casio G-Shock for limited edition watches. Three different models were produced. The first model is the black faced DW5600 which is detailed with pink LED display over jet black face matched with white wrist bands. There is also the  DW6900 model which is equipped with black wrist bands and white face and body with pink logo details. The last model is the hot pink piece with pink LED display and white back light button. All pieces have custom logo engraved on the back and packaged in specially designed box. These are available at Parco City online store exclusively in limited numbers. I really like the black faced DW5600.

About Parco

Parco is one of the large shopping mall chain in Japan which caters for various youth markets. Parco is continuously striving to offer premium and unique shopping and leisure experience, showcasing the latest trend and fashion style in Japan. Our 20 stores in Japan provide not only exciting shopping experience but also offer a wide spectrum of genre including art and entertainment to complement the lifestyles of our customers.
To achieve this, we house carefully-selected specialty shops with excellent merchandising and marketing capacities offering fashion as well as a mix of fashion-related, beauty, lifestyle and F&B. We have set the positioning of our stores as big fashion boutiques.

On the other hand, Cultural and art activities are a differentiation point to distinguish PARCO from its competitors through creating a creative environment offering a wide range of activities involving music, film, publishing and theatre. The entertainment business contributes significantly to the PARCO brand since it forms significant synergies with retail.

In the year 2007, Parco opened 2 new stores located in Shizuoka and Urawa, and it has just launched a Parco store in Tohoku area, Sendai in August 2008.