Cassidy “Popular demand” & “Ride the wave”

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Here’s some “new” Cassidy. “Popular Demand” ft. Jag (McChicken and Cheese lmfao) “Ride the Wave” ft. Trav and Lloyd Banks

I’m extremely happy to see him putting out some new features. Let us not forget the heat and buzz he generated a couple years ago… the wordplay is still there… bravado… oh yeah, Banks made an appearance on this record. If this was a sport I’d say Banks playing at 70%…. it’d be nice to see him with the hunger of the early 2000s… be on the lookout for Cassidy’s Mixtape: Apply Pressure Pt. 2.

Play Ride the Wave Here: [wpaudio url=”″ dl=”″ text=”Cassidy – Ride the Wave”]

Play Popular Demand Here: [wpaudio url=”″ dl=”″ text=”Cassidy – Popular Demand”]