Corinne Bailey Rae – I’d Do It Again (Video)

I was really enamored with Corrine Bailey Rae in 2006 and I always wondered what happened to her. Well shes back and this time she is back with “I’d Do It Again,” the first single from her upcoming album, The Sea, set to drop on January 26th. Corrine spoke to and explained how “I’d Do It Again” came about:

“It was written literally just after me and Jason had this massive disagreement, a big argument, a bad one,” she says now, faltering. “Almost as he was leaving the room, I just sat down and wrote it. It’s just about how I felt about him at that time. Even right in the middle of the worst times, I remember thinking that I would choose this exact life again, that I would do it all again. It was me saying, I’m not wishing myself out of this situation. I’m 100% committed to this person. I don’t have any regrets about this relationship even though there are all these difficult times.”