Nike Trainer 1 Tiger Woods PE
Phil Knight is a smart man. Unlike Gatorade, Accenture and the other sponsors distancing themselves from Tiger, he’s sticking by his man/cash cow. Although at a somewhat dubious time, similar to the Golf Digest magazine with Tiger and Obama on the cover (for our country’s sake, I hope one of the 10 things Obama could learn from Tiger wasn’t successful infidelity), Nike is dropping the Nike Trainer 1 Tiger P.E. The shoes are pretty dope and match what we originally thought Tiger’s personality was like – smooth and stylish, yet reserved. If these shoes were designed after the tiger fiasco, I’m sure they’d come in a gold box. I’m not too sure how these will sell, considering the recent fallout. But as soon as he gets back in the course, we’ll be back to watching in awe at him slaying a golf ball instead of being in awe of the amount of women he slayed.

  1. Edwin Akrong

    Tigers the man… those sneakers are not bad either..

  2. drd

    I like the shoe. I see them on an older guy in his 30s and 40s maybe not a younger guy. I definitely see TW wearing them…..

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