Rtoda’s Hip Hop Trends That Need to End in 2009

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There’s a number of current trends in Hip Hop that need to end in 2009.

1.) Hip Hop Illuminati: Online Hip Hop fan’s obsession with the Illuminati has to end now. While rappers have been making Illuminati references since the early 90s some how over the past few years, hip hop fans online have started paying more attention to bogus conspiracy theories than actually listening to music. Most notably, Jay-Z is tied to the Illuminati using the most overblown, drawn out, & ridiculous claims I’ve ever heard in my life. I’m still appalled that somehow people believe that the most powerful people in the world have a secret society and are using a rapper from Marcy Projects to brainwash the world….. yet somehow there’s dozens of homemade documentaries & forum post on the internet with this information. How secret is this info if everyone already knows? One of these documentaries which will remain unnamed by me, contains miss spelled words & incorrect grammar all over the cover. Who made these wack ass home made documentaries a reputable source? I’m aware that our government does a significant amount of things which we will never know the answers to but people, please stop being so gullible. This is not the enlightenment in which you are seeking.

2.) Pause, No Homo, etc……I was once an avid user of these phrases, but as I’ve matured I’ve recognized that this needs to die immediately.  I don’t even need to go into this further. Like Jadakiss said, “A Real Man Shouldn’t have to say No Homo. These phrases reek of insecurity.

3.) Beefing: Having beef is played out in all forms. It’s simply been reduced to a wet dream for an attention whore. At this point no one really even gets anything good out of it anymore. Rappers beefing with other rappers, r&b singers beefing with other singers, it’s all tired. Still, just when I think Beef couldn’t become anymore tired,  beef never ceases to amaze me. See examples below.

a.) Rappers getting in Beefs with Non Rappers: What the hell is the point of a rapper battling someone who doesn’t make rap? Freck Billionaire & Rick Ross both dissing Floyd Mayweather Jr. Like WTF? Do you need attention that much? Neither one of them could beat Floyd in a fight. I’m just sayin.

b.) Blogger beef: When was thugging it out over the net ever cool? Really you’re beefing over websites & youtube now? I understand ever blogger likes to look at themselves as a brand now and everyone’s competition, but let’s be real, you’re corny. Kill yourself.

4.) Rappers becoming DJs: When did it become cool for washed up rappers to become DJs? As someone on my twitter feed stated, I now understand how young actors feel when rappers start stealing their roles. In the words of Norman from the wire, in reference to Clay Davis, “Some people where born with their hand in someone’s pocket.” I can’t knock rappers for this at all tho. Better this than going back pizza delivery. If you’re going to pursue this please take the DJing craft just as seriously as you did rapping. Well, on second thought, you might want to take it more seriously for those who lack lyrical ability.

5.) Depression Rap: We’re currently in the worst recession that many of us have seen in our lifetime, meanwhile rich ass rappers have numerous songs complaining about fame, women, money, success. No one wants to hear that shit. There’s a fine line between showing emotion, being vulnerable on records & just bitching. Unfortunately not too many people have been able to translate pain on record in the manner that 2pac & DMX did.

6.) Skinny Jeans: Fitted Jeans are necessary. Skinny jeans is unacceptable. Learn the differences & proceed accordingly.

7.) Swagger/Swag/Swag Flu- Any Derivative of the word Swag must die. I placed it in the coffin in 2008. Let’s properly bury it now.

8.) Remixes:Remember when a remix was special. It was rare. Every once in a while you’d have a joint that was hot and the producer would just decide to make it hotter. Completely different beat, sometimes new verses, sometimes a completely different song. Then at some point around the year 2001 placing your verse on the latest hit single was the perfect way to gain a buzz. It was cool for a while as Joe budden, 50 cent, Dipset actually were able to fool people into thinking they had the official remix by placing a verse on a song immediately. Like everything in hip hop, we shouldn’t let them do it to us dunny, cause they over do it. These days as soon as a record drops, there are 50 million remixes with may of them coming from artist who no one’s ever heard of.  There’s a remix for practically every song that drops. You have rappers placing verses on Sade’s latest record as if there is anyone on earth who wants to hear them ruin it with 16 bars. As Ed Lover would say, C’mon Son. Maino is NOT gaining any of Sade’s fans by placing a verse on that record. Let’s be real.

9.) Flooding The Streets With Music: Yeah I said it. 2pac created the blueprint for having a work ethic in hip hop in the 90s. Master P took it and ran wild releasing No Limit albums every few weeks. Lil Wayne took flooding the streets to a whole new level with the amount of collaborations and mixtapes he did. Now every one in there mama has taken the corner boy drug dealer approach to making music, simply quantity of quality. Gucci Mane released 3 mixtapes in a day and 5 mixtapes within a one month span early this year. I guarantee you there is no one who could have properly digested all of those projects. Besides, more rappers should aim for quality over quantity in the future.

Bonus Trend:

Skillz Year End Recap: I love Skillz, (I’m not saying pause remember?). Dude is a great rapper who’s responsible for some of the greatest freestyles I’ve ever heard but this year end shit has gotta stop here. It was played out after the 2nd or 3rd joint, now it’s just irking me that his only recognition comes from this. Do one large wrap up for the decade & just call it quits please. You and DJ Jazzy Jeff are great on tour together & you’re a great ghostwriter. You don’t have to do this.

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  1. Michelle Huxtable

    I agree with most of this list except number one. This is only because even if people are being paranoid, I like the fact that people aren’t just bobbing their heads to hot beats and instead are actually listening to what people are saying. Whether or not they are correctly interpreting the songs is another story.

    Pause is used kind of interestingly now. I’m sure it began as an equivalent to “No Homo” but now people seem to be using it as a way of saying, “What I just said could be misconstrued as a sexual statement so I’m just putting pause in there to let you know I meant nothing sexual.”

    Great list!

  2. baberuthofbanter4

    depression rap is trash… great point. i really ‘aint tryin to hear that shit’…. even worse than wearing skinny jeans.. is referencing this fashion trend with your craft: see: New Boyz “Skinny Jeans and a MIc” … shameful really…

    • Peyso

      @uristocrat it actually aint that bad. it sounds like its straight out of the early to mid 90s. It has an SWV feel to it

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