Sock the Rapper: “U Still Rap?” Mixtape & Video

The “U Still Rap?” mixtape is a collaborative effort between Konnoisseur Creative Group (KCG) co-owner and artist Sock the Rapper and Black Cloud Clothing, a rising clothing brand created by Isaiah Little.  The collaboration was formed to celebrate the release of Black Cloud’s Vintage Pullover and the growth of both Sock the Rapper and the Black Cloud brand.  The mixtape is the soundtrack for anyone who has ever tried to bootstrap their way to the top.  It provides inspiration, introspection, and a couple of laughs to get you through those dark days and celebrate those bright nights.  All we ask is that you lend us your ears for 10 tracks of real rap.
Download the mixtape here: tax back international
View the video here: viagra from men
For more information on Sock the Rapper: – @socktherapper
For more information on Black Cloud Clothing: – @blackcloud09