This Weeks Power Rankings: December 28 Edition, Space Jams, Lupe Fiasco, Philadelphia Eagles and More

This weeks power rankings features some holdovers from last week as well as some new entries.

1. The Itis – the Reigning champ of holiday feasts was back with a vengeance this weekend. After thoroughly dominating the productivity of America on Thanksgiving, The Itis was still strong enough to put yours truly out for three hours after dinner on Christmas. Fortunately, all of the NBA games sucked.

2. The end of 2009/New Years Eve Poppage – This Thursday, the Uristocrat staff and millions of other people will be partying like its 1999 2009 all over the globe. Regardless of whether 2009 was good to you or not, we hope everyone has a prolific 2010. Have fun this weekend, but be responsible. Get a designated driver (who’s not drunk/buzzed) or take a cab. Or get it popped at your crib/the hotel, etc.

3. The Health Care Bill – A week before the close of 2009, one of President Obama’s top priorities finally passed through the Senate. While the bill still needs to be reconciled with the House’s bill, it was a key victory for #44. Time will tell how effective the law will be, but hopefully it will be a step in the right direction towards fixing our broken healthcare system.

4. The Eagles – This is a shoutout to our Philadelphia readership. With the Saints and Vikings stumbling and the Cowboys and Cardinals being the Cowboys and Cardinals, the favorite to win the NFC might be the Eagles. Donovan is playing well as usual (safe your hatred/pro Vick rants for another time), and he finally has weapons – see Jeremy Maclin’s game clinching grab. With Asante Samuel having an All-Pro season and Brian Westbrook on the mend, the Eagles are the NFC’s answer to the Chargers – the team nobody wants to play.

5. NBA on Christmas – What a dud. I love the idea – The NBA making Christmas their answer to the NFL on Thanksgiving – but man, what a disappointment. The biggest let down was the Cavs vs. Lakers game. Kobe v. LeBron was supposed to be a great game matching up two of the game’s best players and a possible preview of the Finals. Instead, we were treated to a blowout. The highlight of the game was the fans throwing stuff on the court and hoping (is that wrong?) that Ron Artest goes nuts again.

6. Rasheed Wallace – Here’s one athlete I don’t suspect will have financial problems after he retires. What do you think he spends a month on wardrobe and grooming? $20? $30? If you saw the Philadelphia native on the street, even though he’s 6’10, wouldn’t you think he was a derelict?

7. Lupe Fiasco – The Good: He’s getting a lot of shine via his role as Blitzen in those hilarious Christmas-themed commercials with the Nike Puppets. The Better: I’m Beaming leaked, a Neptunes-produced track that’s fire and should help the buzz for his next album. The Bad: Bitchin’ on the internet about the leak. Look, that’s not something you need to take up with your fans. If something leaks, we’re going to listen to it. Don’t whine to us, check your team and tighten it up.

8. The Nigerian Terrorist – If this was a political version of “C’Mon Man,” he’d be at the top of the list. What are you thinking? You’re wealthy and well educated, yet you want to try to blow up a plane? On Christmas? C’mon man!

9. Space Jam Riots – I thought we were past this. Get there early, wait in line, buy your sneakers, go home. If you don’t get em, you don’t get em. It shouldn’t be that serious.

10. The Mayweather/Pacquio  Superfight – Is it on, is it off? It would be stupid if they screwed this up, but with boxing all logic is out of the window. Considering the amount of money this thing would generate, for the sports sake it has to happen, right?

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