The Return of NBA Jam

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One of my biggest dreams is on the verge of coming true.  No I’m not suiting up for the Sixers anytime soon.  EA Sports has just purchased the rights to NBA Jam, and are planning on releasing a version for the Nintendo Wii.

So Kobe and Pau are coming to a Wii near you, to face the likes of LeBron and Shaq, KG and Pierce, and Nash and Amare.  These combos are speculative of course.  I personally hope they go to a Tournament Edition format and allow a third person to join the fun.  Regardless, I’m glad that EA is bringing this game back to life.

Of course, they could screw it up and try to modernize the game – see NBA Street.  There’s no need to fix this classic.  Better graphics aside, they should leave the 2-on-2 classic the same – the full-court dunks, fireballs after three consecutive field goals, shoving your opponent to the ground, and the boomshakalaka need to stay.  EA doesn’t really need to do anything besides update the rosters and format it for the Wii.  If they keep it simple, they’ll have a hit.

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  1. Eric B.

    sounds dope but for the record i liked NBA street

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