Nike Sportswear x Kronk South Africa Team Kit

student loan lender list South Africa by working with  artist Kronk for the South Africa Team Kit.

Kronk is an emerging designer/illustrator from Cape Town. His work is colorful and whimsical, a collision of rock poster rebelliousness and wry pop culture references. His contributions to the South African team kit are the most intricate of the collection, with an insanely detailed crest embroidery, a bubble lettered font, a kaleidoscopic illustrated pattern (lining the AW77 hoodie), and a cartoonish mascot who seems to be in constant motion. Is he a footballer breaking away on the pitch or a fan blowing a horn in the stands? They are one in the same in Kronk’s mashed-up world.

Just like the other team kits, this one also includes two sneakers and a series of apparel pieces

Source: Highsnobiety