Petite Anglaise on Genevieve Jones

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This feature will follow true Uristocrat’s of past and present who are shaping are world through fashion, music, and other means of communication.

It’s very rare, but this isn’t a race issue, nor a style issue. This is a generational issue. With an unprecedented growth in pseudo celebrities with the help of Twitter, Facebook, and the once popular Myspace. Everyone has become a somebody. But not so long ago, we had those individuals who didn’t have the advent of the internet…GASP, and made it into the in crowd by sheer will. NYLON MAGAZINE has called her the “Holly Golightly” of our times, but she is better known as Genevieve Jones.

Fitting the prototype of a well breed socialite, waif, gorgeous,and discreet, she was only missing the most important attribute. Wealth. Coming from a simple background of a a blue collar father and a stay at home mom, Genevieve was living a life most were born into. Able to hid her meager background amongst the designer labels she wore, Wall Street and Womens Wear Daily began covering her every move. Alas this is where her fairy tales ended. After much probing by writer Teri Agnes aka a true definition of a hater, Ms. Jones true life story began to unfold. None the less, Ms. Jones continues to sit front Row at Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, and Proenza Schouler and still has friends Sean Lennon and Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Anouck Lepere, to count on.  If Genevieve Jones has taught us anything, it’s that the truth rarely sets you free, but may lead to bigger and better things. Case in point her line, which debuted in ’08, which is coveted by Kate Moss, and those she was so desperate to be like.

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