RIM’s Twitter For BlackBerry Application


I tend to tweet more often from my blackberry than from the web or even from bankruptcy lawyer directory.   Iphone users have always been treated to native Twitter applications for their smartphones. Blackberry users, however, have also had their share of twitter applications with Ubertwitter and Twitterberry leading the pack. News broke out that RIM (the maker of the Blackberry phone) will be releasing its own native Twitter application. Today the beta of the application was made available to certain media members including Leena Rao of Techcrunch (Read her review here).

My excitement concerning the release of this application tempered after reading her review. The application does not really expand on the features provided by Ubertwitter and pretty much provide a nifty interface to do the same things mobile web twitter does. The application basically features a timeline of your Tweets, separate streams for @mentions, direct messages and trending topics. It also allows users to see their profiles, lists, followers and who they choose to follow. This is already done very well by Ubertwitter. My biggest complaint with what she says comes from this statement:

My biggest complaint is that the app is slow. Really slow. Slower than the Seesmic Blackberry app that I currently use to Tweet from my mobile device.

That sentence has already doomed the application in my book. I will be content waiting for a finished version before even trying the beta. Now, I urge you to draw your own conclusions from the application and if you do, I have posted some download links below. Let me know what you think. I wont be trying it out though. As any blackberry user would know, especially those who endured the Blackberry Messenger fiasco, its better to wait for a production ready version before trying anything from RIM on your phone. With that said, download at your own risk.

If you get this to work or find any more download links let me know in the comments!