The Power Rankings: February 16th Edition, John Mayer, Charles Barkley, Old Spice, Drake and More

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1. – John Mayer had the Internets buzzing with this absurd Playboy interview where he made some bad jokes, kiss and told several times, made some racially insensitive remarks and dropped the n-bomb. That’s a year’s worth of f ups in a 10 minute read. If you haven’t already, check out about that situation and how John Mayer can bounce back.

2. All-Star Weekend – Was it me, or was there a lot of #fail going around this all-star weekeknd. First, there was a #snowstormfail that caused a lot of people to miss some or all of Friday night’s events. The celebrity game was a big #fail, as was the H-O-R-S-E competition. The dunk contest was an #epicfail and will go down as one of the worst in history. The game was moderately entertaining, but the ending turned into a foul shooting contest, kicked off by Deron Williams #fail, when he fouled D. Wade with less than 20 seconds less even though the score was tied, sending him to the line for two. Usher’s performance (and leather capri’s) is a borderline #careerendingfail, yes it was that awful. And while Shakira and Alicia Keys were amazing to look at, their performances sucked. #fail to them too. I’m glad we can get back to basketball.

3. Olympics
– In other sports news, apparently there’s an Olympics in the winter time too? Yawn. NBC is hemorrhaging money over this, in another #fail for the embattled network. The biggest news from the Olympics so far? Nodar Kumaritashvili, Georgian luge slider, died. Yikes.

4. Drake Drinks Sprite – If hip-hop was still alive, Drake would be getting dragged through the coals for that awful, corny Sprite commercial he did. But, not surprisingly, I haven’t seen much criticism aimed at wheelchair Jimmy. On the low, he’s pretty Teflon. He’s already survived an awful debut video (“Best I Ever Had”), the “blackberry freestyle” incident on FunkFlex’s show and tearing a knee ligament on stage while lip synching. Now this. Personally, I’m ready for him to either come out with an album or go into the booth until the album is ready. Unfortunately I seem to be in the minority.

5. Google Buzz – So Google Wave was a dud and Google Buzz already seems like it will be labeled the same. Many people’s first reaction to it was, “Isn’t this just like twitter?” I’m not too sure this will catch on.

6. Valentine’s Day Recap – So Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Personally, I enjoyed watching from the sidelines as many dudes hurled Hail Mary’s like Flutie in ’84, using dinner/movie/flowers/candy/copious amounts of alcohol in attempts to get the draws. I hope it worked. Hallmark Day usually sparks a lot bitterness from those ladies who didn’t get the look this year. If you don’t get that box of candy you wanted, don’t fret. I’m sure your local drug store is selling chocolate at 95% off the regular price.

7. Clinton’s Heart Surgery – President Clinton was hospitalized recently, having a procedure done to open a clogged artery after experiencing chest pains recently. William J. had quadruple by pass surgery a few years ago, so the procedure was a cause for some concern. Apparently he’s doing well and there’s no cause for concern. Shoutout to that.

8. Chuck Barkley Taco Bell Box – Another commercial on heavy rotation is the Charles Barkley freestyle for Taco Bell’s $5 death box. After sending Tiger on hiatus, it seems like the mainstream has chosen Chuck to as their interracially married and cheating athlete spokesperson du jour. I’m not mad at him for getting his guaps, all though I can’t really support anybody consuming 1300+ bad calories in one setting. No bueno.

9. Snow refuses to stop – Ok Old Man Winter, you’ve made your point. With all the Global Warming talk, I admit, we were sleeping on you. Our bad, we’re sorry. Now please, go away so the Northfaces can turn into tank tops. Thanks, Jim.

10. The Old Spice Dude – Now a commercial I do like are the Old Spice commercials with the black dude. You know the “look at me, now look at your man, now look at me,” dude. Hilarious. I laugh everytime. By the way, I wrote this while riding on a horse. Backwards.

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