The Power Rankings: February 23rd Edition, Tiger Woods, Philly 360, Supreme, NBA Trade Deadline and More

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Check out this weeks Power Rankings which features Tiger Woods, Philly 360, Lil Wayne, the NBA trade deadline and more. Let us know what you think in the comments if you agree or disagree with this list. Make sure you check out past price on viagra drugstore.

1.  Tiger Woods – Tiger finally made a public appearance last week.  In typical Tiger fashion, he gave cryptic statements and wasted our time.  Hopefully he’ll visit Uristocrat and read this article before his next apology.

2.   Lent – Once again, lent has arrived.  What are you giving up?  We suggest you give up visiting wack websites and spend more time here.

3.   XXL Freshmen Class 2010 – For the second year in a row, XXL has tabbed a freshman class of up and coming MC’s.  This year’s class includes Uristocrat favorites Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean and J. Cole.  Hopefully the Class of 2010 will fair better than the Class of 2009, which was ultimately a disappointment.

4. Olympics – So the 2010 Winter Olympics finally had a signature event – the US men’s hockey team’s upset of Team Canada in the opening round.  Of course, it was on MSNBC, meaning it wasn’t in HD for a lot of us and wasn’t available at all to those without cable (my grandmother and like 20 other people).  Even when its right, NBC manages to get it wrong.

5.  How to Make it in America – Reviews seem mostly positive about HBO’s latest show aimed at young males, “How to Make it in America.”  While it doesn’t seem like it will become the next Entourage, it maybe serve as a sufficient fill in, until it (or Curb Your Enthusiasm) returns from hiatus.

6.  Supreme 2010 Summer Collection – Check out Supreme’s 2010 Summer Collection here.  Dropping in the NY and LA stores March 4th, they’ve once again managed to stay ahead of the curve.

7. Philly 360: Philly 360 unveiled its 2010 creative ambassadors and its a great list featuring the likes of Ursula Rucker, Writtenhouse, Nikki Jean, Marsha Ambrosius and more. Make sure you check out the complete listing here.

8.  Obamas Health Care Summit – President Obama is having a health care summit this week to try to jumpstart the fading movement to reform health care.  I hope he president succeeds, but the way Congress has been moving, I have a feeling I’ll be eligible for Medicare by time they get any real reform done.

9.   Weezey shoots 9 videos – Rumor has it Weezey shot 9 videos over the weekend to help him stay hot while he’s in jail.  This is a great idea, as some of the recent artist who have gone to jail haven’t really done a lot to keep their name on the streets.  Unless, he shot those videos for Rebirth, then it’s just a waste of time.

10. NBA Trade Deadline – Last week was one of the more active trade deadlines in many years. The Cavs made the biggest move by picking up Antawn Jamison, followed by New York dumping a crap load of salary, giving them the ability to sign two major free agents this offseason and picking up T-Mac in the process. Desperate to keep LeBron happy, Cleveland was aided by their former playoff rival’s fire sale. I think the biggest question now that the dust has settled is if the Wizards are having open tryouts. This might be my only chance to make the league.