This Weeks Power Rankings: February 2nd Edition, Black History Month, iPad, Grammys, Superbowl and More

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1. Black History Month – This is one of the most important months of the year. Too often the contributions of African-American’s have been overlooked in our society. Even though it’s the shortest month of the year, I’m glad that there is a time to reflect on the history, struggles and accomplishments of African-Americans.

2. Grammy’s – From a performance perspective, the Grammy’s were pretty underwhelming. And of course most of the hip-hop awards weren’t handed out on air. Still, the Grammy’s remains the holy grail of music awards. This year’s Grammy’s also confirmed once and for all that Taylor Swift > Beyonce. Just kidding ladies …. Sorta.

3. iPad – Steve Jobs has finally ventured into the world of women’s hygiene with the iPad. Ok, I had to get one more tampon joke in, sorry about that. What the iPad is though, is basically a gigantic iPhone, except it doesn’t make calls or take pictures. Still, I want one and you probably do too.

4. Obama’s Next Career – Once again, #44 proved why he’s the coolest president ever. He hoped in the booth during the Duke-Georgetown game and fit right in. If I’m ESPN, I’m offering him a contract right now. P.S.: Please don’t have him and Biden in the same place again, like ever. We were one terrorist attack on the Verizon Center away from having Nancy Pelosi as president.

5. Super Bowl Week – After a pointless Pro Bowl game, Super Bowl week is finally here. If the Saints and Colts play up to their regular season level, we should be treated to one of the most exciting and high scoring Super Bowls in years.

6. Roger Federer’s Dominance – Roger Federer is the most dominant athlete of our generation. Too bad he plays Tennis (and isn’t American). Dude won his 16th Grand Slam over the weekend, defeated Andy Murray in straight sets at the Australian Open. Even if you don’t like or understand Tennis, it should be easy to appreciate his mastery of the game.

7. online pharmacy prescription free cialis – The Cool Grey 11’s are dropping this Christmas. After what I went through to get the Space Jams, I might just wait in line for these now.

8. NBA on ABC – The good thing about the NFL winding down is the return of the NBA on ABC on Sundays. We were treated to a Lakers/Celtics showdown this past Sunday. These teams still don’t like each other and could very well meet in the Finals. 24 closed the game with a ridiculous fade away over Jesus Shutlesworth, adding to his legacy/highlight tape.

9. Greg Oden Finally Shows us Something LeBron James Sr. Greg Oden finally showed the world what he was made of, except it wasn’t on the court. I’ve been avoiding the pictures like the plague, but I know sooner or later someone will dupe me with a “Erin Andrews nude” link to this nonsense.

10. order cialis online not fake – I wanted to close this week’s Power Rankings with Haiti because I know how we are as a country. We can’t seem to focus on one topic for longer than a few weeks. Haiti is still suffering and its imperative that we don’t forget about them like we usually due – see Post-Katrina New Orleans. If you are able to, and haven’ done so already, please contribute to the relief fund.

What do you think should be on next weeks power rankings? Comment here with your thoughts or reply to @uristocrat on twitter with the #powerrankings.

  1. Alexander Allen

    This is def a good look on the Power rankings. I don’t really understand the IPad. Then again, I never liked the Iphone.

  2. Dominick Mihaly

    This is all very new to me and this article really opened my eyes.Many thanks for sharing with us your wisdom.

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