This Weeks Power Rankings: February 9th Edition, Super Bowl, Snowstorms, Sonic, Curren$y and More

1. Super Bowl – Colts vs Saints didn’t live up to the scoring hype, but it was a great game.  The flags were few and far between, which was great for the pace of the game.  Brees was on fire and Manning played well too.  Until he was picked off, you just knew the Colts were going to tie the game.  But he did throw that pick six and America’s Team held on for the victory.  The lesson, as always, was put your money on whatever team Obama picks.

2. Valentine’s day – Less than seven days to get that gift fellas.  Figured we’d put a remind here for you to help you out.  Remember, it’s the thought that counts and she’ll be happy with whatever you get her (as long as it shits on whatever her friend’s bf’s do).

3. Snowmageddon – In case you were under a rock, DC-Bmore-Philly were hammered by a monster snowstorm that dropped upwards of 30 inches on the region, breaking all sorts of records in the process.  Trees were toppled, power and cable went out and babies were made.  Just as we were starting to dig ourselves out, apparently we’re getting another foot or so this Tuesday/Wednesday.  Kill me now.

4.  Football withdrawal
– Well, now football is over.  What are you football stans going to do?  Play Madden/NCAA until you hit 2050 in your franchise?  Join an adult flag league and shred your ACL?  I suggest you turn into the NBA and college hoops.  Actually, you only need to watch Big East basketball as I’m pretty sure ever team in the Top 25 is from that conference.

5.  NBA All-Star game
– Speaking of the NBA, All-Star Weekend is this weekend.  Ironically, this lazily played game typically marks the stretch run in the NBA.  If you’re one of those people who think the players mail in the first 50 or so games of the season, its safe to watch now.

6.  Super Bowl commercials
– This year had some good ones and a lot of duds, per usual I suppose.  Shoutout to Stevie Wonder for making fun of himself in the V-Dub commercial.  Bud Light, E-Trade and Doritos did their things per usual, while Mickey D’s channeled the spirit of Bird and Jordan w/ their LeBron-D-Ho dunk off.

7.  Curren$y – Smokee Robinson – This is going to stay in the rotation for a while.  If you’re like me, you’re probably at the point where you’re almost afraid to get new music, for fear that it will be a waste of time/space.  This one is good to go, you can download it immediately.

8.  Sonic 4:  Episode 1 – It looks like another classic will be slightly tweaked and brought back to life.  Like the NBA Jam announcement a few weeks ago, it appears as if Sonic will be back this summer.  From the trailer, it doesn’t look like they tried to modernize the game too much (see Mario 64), they just let Sonic be great.  It seems like the first Episode will be available for download for 360, Wii and PS3.  No word on cost or how many boards will be on each episode.

9.  President’s Day Festivities
– I’m not too sure what the purpose of President’s Day is, but I think it’s an excuse to get faded on a random Sunday night in February.  Who am I to go against the spirit of this great holiday, so what if my job doesn’t honor it and I’ll be at work on Monday morning?

10.  Doppelganger week/Facebook fails again
– Raise your hand if you logged on to Facebook, saw a friend with a celebrity picture and thought “that girl don’t look a damn thing like Halle Berry.”  Apparently Doppelganger week was last week on Facebook, which caused more confusion than anything.  This week is Facebook dissatisfaction week.  I don’t Facebook much anymore, but I really don’t have any gripes about the new layout.  I’ve accepted stupid and drastic layout changes from Facebook as part of the program.

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