The Power Rankings: March 30th Edition, Final Four, Erykah Badu, 9th Wonder and Phonte Beef, Donovan McNabb, Flash Mobs and More

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1. Final Four – Well the Final Four is set.  Butler becomes the 2nd mid-major school to reach the final weekend of the ultimate sports tournament, and actually has a legit shot to win it all.  Facing the Bulldogs is yet another mediocre Michigan State team drug coached into the final four by Tom ‘h to da’ Izzo.  One the other half we have Bob Huggins tough West Virginia team going against Duke.  This has been one of the most exciting tournaments ever and the last three games shouldn’t disappoint.  I just hope Gus Johnson gets to announce one of them.

2. 9th Wonder/ Phonte Beef – Shaking up Twitter over the weekend were the shots thrown at each other by 9th Wonder and Phonte.  They used to be part of the iconic group Little Brother, until 9th parted ways after their second album.  Little was said about his departure, but now I think it’s clear:  they just stopped getting along as a group.  That said, it’s a shame that instead of coming together for the last album they seem to be growing farther apart.

3. Roy Jones v. Hopkins II – In stupid boxing move #1324324, Roy Jones is set to fight Bernard Hopkins for the second time, only about eleventy million years too late.  Roy hasn’t been relevant since Tarver floored him and B. Hop has been overshadowed by some of the younger guns of the sport.  I still might tune in though, only because I love a good train wreck.

4. Rap’s slow start in 2010 – Is it me, or has rap been dormant this year?  A few rappers have dropped some mixtapes that have gotten some buzz, but besides Kidz in the Hall, there haven’t been any album releases worth mentioning.  Hopefully “Leftback” by Little Brother can kick start the dull year.

Erykah Badu

5. Erykah Badu Album and video – Meanwhile, soul star Erykah Badu has shaken up the world again.  Her video for ‘Window Seat’ has gotten a lot of attention because of her assets (the song/video actually has a message a lot deeper than booty, although the ass is nice), and her album is pretty dope too.  If this is a success along the lines of Maxwell’s release last year, maybe the labels will realize that people will still pay to listen to good R&B.

6. Donovan McNabb trade rumors – Well it’s looking like the McNabb era is finally coming to an end in Philly, with the Eagles becoming more anxious to trade the Quarterback before his May roster bonus is due.  Right now the Raiders seem to be the favorite to pick up the all-pro QB.  A lot of you Eagles fans are probably saying ‘good riddens’ to yourself, as McNabb has lost a lot of fan support during the years.  Be careful what you wish for though, I’m actually pretty sure the Kolb/Vick tenure won’t turn out as good as you guys think.

7. Ubiq x Black Scale x Freeway – Ubiq had an event featuring Freeway and Black Scale as well as Gilbere Forte. A great turnout, great performances, and great clothes. What more can you ask for?

8. Flash Mobs – This is a trend that has to stop.  For those who are not familiar with Flash Mobs, it’s a loosely organized mob of a large group of people that agree to meet at a certain location at a set time and cause havoc in that area.  This has become somewhat of a trend amongst Philadelphia teenagers and has even spread into Central and North New Jersey.  While it’s disturbing for many reasons, one of the biggest reasons is because many of these kids are so young they aren’t fully aware of the consequences of their actions.  If you have the opportunity to reach out to the young people in the city, please do what you can to let them know how stupid this is, and how dangerous participating in these events can be.

9. Michael Steele gets it poppin – So Michael Steele, the leader of the party of family values aka the GOP, apparently spent $2000 at a LA bondage and/or strip club.  Honestly, for someone who comes off as such a square, I didn’t know he had it in him.

10. More Steelers Trouble – Fresh off the heels of Ben Roethlisberger’s women troubles, star Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes has some women troubles of his own.  He’s facing a suit of his own; apparently he hit a woman with a drink.  Whether or not these allegations are true, Mike Tomlin has to be ready to ban all of his players of going out.  Ever again.

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