LRG Summer 2010 First Delivery Lookbook continues its growth and progression with a look at the first delivery of its Summer 2010 collection.  The collection is divided between 10 design themes spread across 3 periodic releases. One of the design themes is the nautical theme Destination Nowhere which is inspired by yacht racing and rowing clubs along the New England shores. The Homegrown theme explores personal gardening and horticulture. There is then Artist Driven which features the work of graffiti artists Augor of Los Angeles area and Pose from the Windy City of Chicago. Finally there is the Uptown Top Rankin inspired by the Irie lifestyle of Jamaica. The LRG Summer 2010 Collection – First Delivery, in its 4 variants, are all now in LRG retailers worldwide.  The collection video is seen above and features Big Sean, Jack Curtin, Adelmo Jr, Rodrigo Tx, and Corey Gunz.

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