The Paxtons: Theme Music Video

The Paxtons in a few weeks will be releasing  the first single from the aptly titled, The Manhattan Project, inspired by their recent move to NYC. Before moving forward with the new project, Chris and Dave are taking a quick step back to the future with the debut of the Theme Music video. One of the prevailing questions from fans and supporters since the album dropped has been, “Where’s the video?” The Theme Music visuals, directed by Shannon Muir, are The Paxton’s way of honoring the numerous fans who have been demanding to see this track brought to life. This is a great video and was shot over at the Medusa Lounge. I was actually there for part of the shoot hanging out with my @AnmlHse Ninjas…

The first single from The Manhattan Project will be impacting shortly, followed by the full length this summer. In it’s purest form, the project is a display of what happens when Chicago meets NYC. In the meantime, enjoy the video and let us know what you think

  1. Scotch

    Shouts to E.A. for holding The Paxtons down once again. ‘Preciate the support, homie!

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