Theophilus London – I Want You (Marvin Gaye Cover)
Theophilus London will be releasing his highly anticipated mixtape I Want You tomorrow. In the meantime listen to his Marvin Gaye “I Want You” cover.  Here is what Theo had to say:

This track sparked the whole mixtape!
I bought every single Marvin Gaye record i could fine.. and spent an entire 2 months listening while working on my album in LA. I then bought the separate parts from the original song I WANT YOU by Marvin Gaye and
recorded my verse and singing in LONDON. I put all the different instruments together for the new wave version 🙂

It was a pleasure Covering this song! I really Want my Listeners! and this is my way of telling them!!
I am very Excited for people to hear my new desires and I just want Girls to wake up and put this on! eat their breakfast smoke their brains out and enjoy I WANT YOU

I want You will be available April 28th.

Check out the Track listing

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