The Uristocrat Summer 2010 Style Guide

The Uristocrat Summer 2010 Style Guide

What to Wear this Summer

I always enjoy the summer because its an opportunity to show off style in different environments.  The Summer certainly rivals the spring as the time of the year to express how you really feel about clothes. Here we present the Uristocrat 2010 Summer style guide with a look at what to wear and options on where to get them.

What to wear for work



Gingham is a great way to add color and energy to any ensemble – you can wear the shirt to work with a pair of khakis or slacks or dress it down by rolling up the sleeves and throwing on a pair of your favorite jeans.  Gingham is perfect for the summer since it is a lighter weight dress shirt usually made from cotton or a cotton blend which will definitely be beneficial as the mercury continues to rise throughout the season.  I recommend getting your Gingham shirts from or dui law maryland.  Rag and Bone also makes a great shirt which has a smaller check compared to your average gingham shirt.

Slim Cut Khakis
Slim cut khakis should be appropriate for any work place, just make sure they don’t have pleats.  You can grab a nice pair form the Gap without breaking the bank.

Leather Shoes
Leather shoes might be a very broad category but the discernment comes with age and experience. I recommend for this summer burnished leather dress shoes, ie oxfords, that will be appropriate with any suit. Whats great about burnished leather?  the shoe fades from dark to light. Check out are there any legit payday loans online for a great selection.

A night out on the town


Chambray is a lightweight cotton cloth with a texture and color often similar to denim.  A great chambray shirt is perfect for casual events and outings. The key is making sure that the chambray shirt that is worn and is of good quality and design.  I recommend the cialis generic price because of its exquisite detailing.

Keep it simple. Get some Levi’s 514s premium gilded jeans in a dark wash.  These jeans wont steer you wrong. They wont be too baggy or too skinny. If you subscribe to the raw denim trend, then get some Nudies.  If you wear them often enough, then by August they should have a really great worn look and feel.

Canvas Sneakers
A lot of places have rules on sneakers. Well canvas sneakers are always a great addition to any outfit and I personally feel like any places that discriminate against them miss the point of sartorial execution. I personally recommend a pair of muted Vans authentics like the One piece. Converse Jack Purcells and PF Flyers are also great choices.  Just to be on the safe side, get a pair of Sperry Boat Shoes as well but make sure not to go crazy on the colors, the classic brown will suffice.

Hanging out with the guys
Tee Shirts

Lousy Right

Hanging out with friends might be the best time and the most fun when expressing personal style. I know this summer, Uristocrats will be wearing their fair share of graphic tee shirts from names like Lousy Right (), Worn Free (Post coming soon) and Anmlhse.  Graphic tee shirts keep things simple while often making a personal statement.

Make your own shorts. It’ll be a great way to recycle an old pair of pants or jeans that you no longer wear, and they’ll provide respite from the summer heat. Check out our guide to making them (swiped from GQ):

A. Choose a pair of old khakis or fine-wale cords to sacrifice.
B. Put them on and use a pencil to mark an inch below each knee (for starters).
C. Take the pants off and lay them on the floor, making sure all the seams and hems are neatly aligned.
D. Cut each leg just above the pencil marking.
E. Repeat until the legs are even and you like the length. (Remember, you can always cut them a little shorter, but you can never make them any longer.)

My favorite brand of sneakers. Jordan brand has released some heat this year so show them off.  I would personally recommend the Air Jordan IX (9) that come in black and citrus. Some Spizikes would do as well.


Good Wood NYC
The days of gaudy jewelery have come and gone, but a custom piece of good wood can help you standout in the crowd of tees and jeans.  By this time next year, everyone might have one, so don’t sleep on it now if you like to be different.