The First New “Beavis and Butt-head” Episode in 14 Years: Watch Now

MTV decided to resurrect its popular 90’s series” on Thursday night.  The return of the show was kicked off by the episode,, and was the start of the Mike Judge-created series’ ninth season. The show continues its original premise of crude jokes and picks up right where it left off in 1997.

The show does compensate by referencing popular culture topics including the popular movie series Twilight, as well as Jersey Shore. The premise of this show revolved around Beavis and Butt-head believing they’re going to be able to ‘score’ with ‘chicks’ if they get themselves bitten by a werwolf. This mission is based on the fat that Twilight is so beloved by women. T

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Preliminary numbers also quantify the return of the show as a success: 3.3 million Americans tuned in for the show’s premiere on Thursday night. Unsurprisingly, the series performed best with a male audience, as two-thirds of its viewers were men.

 Enjoy.  The show airs on MTV Thursday nights at 10 pm ET.