BHBK Presents: The Official #RatchetPussyParty video recap #ASlickJacksonFilm

We came together with generic viagra review discount codes, how to take viagra for best results, and to unify the leading Philadelphia streetwear brands and showcase New Philly. Barrelhouse BKLYN and Slick Jackson joined us in our plight to create the biggest party concept to hit the Philadelphia scene this year. This was more than just a party though. It was an inside joke, that turned into an idea that eventually became a concept to help push this New Philly movement way outside of Philly. At the end of the day, it’s not about “being ratchet” nor does it “promote ratchet”. #RPP is about going back to basics, having fun with creative like-minded individuals and unifying a scene that’s deserved it’s own shine among big cities like NYC and LA. With that said, you can expect a sequel in the near future. Who knows what city we’ll be in next. Check the amazing video to see if you got caught on camera (lol) and for those who weren’t there, you can check out what you missed.

– A Slick Jackson Film.